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How to Have an Awesome and Geek-tastic Friendsgiving!

written by Quinzel Lee November 15, 2017

Friendsgiving is just like Thanksgiving, only cooler. Most folks are either actively avoiding going to Aunt Sarah’s this year or splitting between friends and family. Either way, Friendsgiving certainly takes the stress out of the holidays!

The awesome part about Friendsgiving is that you can celebrate any way you wish. You can make it as traditional or as non-traditional as you want, all while being surrounded by your best buds. If you want to stray away from tradition completely or keep some small traditions alive, this post is for you! Add some geek flair to your holiday!


Sleek and sneaky nerd design, these Star Wars dinner plates look amazing and classy. Buy them here!

Star Wars Dinnerware, perfect for Friendsgiving

Serve your turkey on these awesome Doctor Who plates. It’s out of this world!

blue gallifrey doctor who plates for friendsgiving

For those of you who are thinking “No way, I am not washing all of those dishes” we’ve thought of you too. Buy this set which gives you enough paper plates to go back for seconds.

dc comics party plates for friendsgiving


If you wanna go way off the traditional track, try a Power Rangers helmet in lieu of a cornucopia, its sure to get your friends talking. Check it out right here!

red ranger helmet on a black stand

Pop Vinyls also make amazing centerpieces. Place some of your favorite characters in the center. This Morty pop vinyl will give your guests a chuckle.

Morty pop vinyl toy standing


You can make your food geek-tastic as well! If you want to make your food fun for your guests, check out the Nerdy Nummies cookbook right here! Its actually a best seller on Amazon.

Nerdy Nummies cookbook cover closeup

Another geek cookbook with some awesome recipes in it from all your favorite fandoms is this little number here. Feel free to mix and match.

cover of Geeky Chef cookbook

Check out this amazing World of Warcraft cookbook whether you are with The Horde or The Alliance.

cover of world of warcraft cookbook


After the food has been eaten, maybe sometime before your second or third plate, your friends may need to be entertained. Put a geeky spin on Thanksgiving downtime with this retro video game system. Just use any old Nintendo or SNES games you have laying around (we know you still have a few).

retro gaming console in red and black

Feeling like running off some calories after that big dinner? Run outside for a round of laser tag!

laser tag guns

When all else fails, a round of Cards Against Humanity will keep the night going. If you’ve already got the game, add on this 90s Nostalgia Pack.

Deck of cards from Card against Humanity

Any of you geeks hosting Friendsgiving this year? What would you add to this list? Let us know in the comments section below!

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