Home News Axanar will live again! Paramount drops suit against fan film.

Axanar will live again! Paramount drops suit against fan film.

written by Chad "LoganDX" G. May 21, 2016

It's Star Trek Axanar

Remember that really cool Star Trek fan film, Axanar? The one that Paramount took to court to stop? We have good news from the Star Trek Experience as the suit has been dropped.

Star Trek Axanar was shaping up to be a hell of a film especially for a fan made movie. It got the attention of CBS and Paramount, which resulted in a super quick lawsuit to shut them down. The two parties were still arguing until JJ Abrams announced at the event last night that Paramount had dropped the suit.

By dropping the suit, this paves the way for production of Axanar to continue. Many felt that the sticking points causing Paramount to sue was the size of the community supporting it and the flick’s use of the Klingon language.

It was sad as it stabbed the hearts of a lot of die hard fans. People were really looking forward to it. It also sent shockwaves through the community. There are other Trek fan films out there and this is the one they got mad at. By suing, many fans got scared, afraid of lawsuits. Thankfully, they never did hit anyone else and it looks like everyone is safe.

The Axanar crew was of course happy when the news hit and fans of both it and Star Trek in general have been voicing their approval. We’re adding our scream to the yes! column.

We will await more updates from the Axanar crew. Until then everyone should give them their attention. Tell ’em DHTG sent ya.

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