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Bacon Lovers Defend Bacon Against PETA in Twitter Battle

written by Quinzel Lee August 10, 2017
bacon periodic table sign

In a time where most of the world is very divided on many issues, bacon lovers came together to defend their one cause: their undeniable love and appreciation of all things bacon.

The day started off simply enough. Not much was going on in the Twitterverse on that faithful day. PETA set out to ask one fairly simple question. A statement, rather, inviting others to “Present your best argument for eating bacon.”

Peta Tweet against bacon lovers


Well, bacon lovers everywhere took that as a challenge to defend their most favorite meat. Some tweets were simple, posting pictures of bacon cheeseburgers or just a simple tweet stating “because I can”.

becon lover tweeting to Peta

Other responses will leave you laughing and gasping for air. This was a mixture of witty comebacks, memes and of course, plenty of pictures involving Ron Swanson.

Ron Swanson is a Bacon Lover

PETA attempted to wrangle in the conversation, even by providing a link to an article about vegan bacon. But Bacon lovers weren’t having it and answered back with more memes and photos of Ron Swanson.

What side do you guys fall on? Are you a bacon lover or do you defend PETA’s stance? Sound off in the comments below!

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