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Bad Wolf Costumes, a LOTR Cosplayers’ Dream

written by Leda "Ancient Hero" N. May 30, 2016

Finally a geeky costume store with a geeky name: Bad Wolf Costumes!

Duo Kate and Alex started their company in 2012 after their amazing Wedding Con. Kate has been sewing most of her life as has Alex. Both of them are huge geeks with fandoms spreading over Fantasy to Science Fiction to Studio Ghibli to games like Skyrim.

Bad Wolf Costumes mostly offer renaissance outfits for purchase, including cloaks, Robin Hood inspired hoods, Lord of the Rings Inspired dresses, Skyrim Inspired Mage Outfits, Monks, and more. Alex is even working on a 10th Doctor Cosplay!

Bad Wolf Costumes Skyrim

If you’re more into DIY Bad Wolf Costumes also have patterns for your use in order to make your own Star Trek Uniforms including DS9, Voyager, and Enterprise. Their patterns are set up like patterns you would find in Simplicity with sheets on which the pattern is printed out on, a detailed PDF, a tutorial on how to use the pattern, as well as written instructions.

Bad Wolf Costumes 3

If you are into cosplay, you can find them over at their Facebook page here.

Do you like to cosplay? Share your greatest creations with us, we would love to see them and they may even be featured in our cosplay section!

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