Home News [UPDATED] The Bat signal shines on a new Galaxy S7!

[UPDATED] The Bat signal shines on a new Galaxy S7!

written by Chad "LoganDX" G. May 26, 2016
Very high res image of Batman

Updated: Well that didn’t take long. Samsung already dropped the info on the phone. It’s called the Injustice Edition S7. It’s all black with some gold accents and a gold bat symbol on the back. What really makes this stand out is it comes with a sick, all black Gear VR! This is the phone to have for Batman fans! Check out the pics below.

It's the Injustice GalaxyIt's the Injustice galaxy

It's the Injustice galaxy

Everyone do the Bat dance! Samsung is teasing a Batman flavored Galaxy S7 phone coming soon!

Anybody remember when Samsung dropped that sick Iron Man Galaxy phone with Arc Reactor charger and Iron Man themes in the phone itself? Sure, it ran for a pretty penny but was it ever drool worthy. Now it seems they’re doing it again for the Caped Crusader.

Hinted at on the Samsung Twitter account, we merely get the famous Bat silhouette over a Galaxy with the words “Coming Soon”. Written in the post is a mention about Gods Among Us which pretty much everybody knows is the excellent fighting game Injustice: God’s Among Us. What’s weird is that the game has been out for consoles and mobile devices for years now. Could they be alluding to a sequel at the upcoming E3? Fingers crossed!

They better do this right, have all the Bat bells and whistles. I don’t know what I want more as the charging stand, the Bat signal or a replica batmobile where the Galaxy can tuck safely inside. Plus the text notification has to have one of the actors that played the Dark Knight say “I’m Batman”, no compromise there.

Tell me geeks, would you buy this? It might be expensive but I might sell some organs for it.

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