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Batman and Justice League manga coming in June

written by Alex Lopez May 21, 2017
The Justice League Cast

If you are a big manga fan, then we have some news for you. Batman and Justice League (because duh) will debut in the June 19th issue of Champion Red magazine.

The manga follows the Justice League as they head to Gotham to stop The Joker and his group of super-villains.  This version of the League consists of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg, Green Lantern and The Flash. No word yet on the other super-villains that will appear in the manga. Shiori Teshirogi will head the manga. Teshirogi is the woman behind the Saint Seiya series of manga, which spawned two OVA series.

The Cast of Justice League

While not tied to the DCEU franchise, DC is looking to make a heavy push towards younger readers and women. DC president Diane Nelson and publisher Jim Lee were at a presentation in March to promote the Wonder Woman and Justice League films in Japan when the manga was announced. DC is trying to get back on track with the DCEU after Batman v Superman did not fair well with audiences. The release of the manga in Japan is sure to draw some positive attention to DC’s upcoming movies. However, there is no word at this time if the manga will make its way out of Japan.

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