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“Batman – The Killing Joke” Animated Movie: Hamill and Conroy Want In!

written by J Martell July 28, 2015

killing-jokeLike the idea or hate the idea, Alan Moore’s dark and gritty telling of how The Joker crippled Barbara Gordon (among other crimes/acts), better known as Batman: The Killing Joke, is coming to an animated screen near you in 2016. Bruce Timm (Batman: The Animated Series, Justice League) had the honour of sharing the news during his Justice League: Gods &  Monsters panel while at Comic Con earlier in July, and DC followed up with an official tweet to make sure everyone knew.

Regardless of what one may think of what The Joker did in the book (it was a rather glaring “women in refrigerators” moment) it cannot be denied that The Joker is the story’s star, which means the big question on everyone’s mind has been: Who is going to voice Joker? Several talented voice actors have done brilliant work over the past 20 years on the clown prince of crime’s maniacal laugh, but the clear fan-favourite (for good reason) was Mark Hamill (Star Wars) right from the start. Hamill, who voiced The Joker through Batman: The Animated Series, various DC Comics cartoons that featured The Joker, AND through the first three Batman Arkham video games, has more than once proved his prowess and ability to play Batman’s greatest and most terrible foe. So the fans wanted him… but does he want it?

Darn-tootin’ he does! Through various tweets and personal comments to fans, Hamill has made it clear that he wants this voice role to do it some real justice, in what many have considered for years to be The Joker’s most terrible act (although, killing thousands of people over the last 75 years of his career is probably terrible enough on its own). There are now even several unconfirmed rumours that Hamill has not only been in talks to do the role, but it’s been a done deal for some time. We’ll have to wait and see if that’s true, but it does seem likely!

Hot on the heals of these swirling rumours is the next logical question: Who will voice Batman!? Well let’s do some math…

Bruce Timm+ Batman animated movie + Mark Hamill voice rumours = Batman voice = ?


Kevin Conroy IS Batman…

How can anyone else but Kevin Conroy, the voice of Batman through the animated series and various video games, provide the voice of both Bruce Wayne and Batman? When I read any story featuring the Dark Knight, it’s Conroy’s voice I hear opposite Hamill’s terrifying laughter, hands down, every time. So Conroy’s a clear choice… but does he want it?

“Oh, God! Are you kidding me? I’d do it in a heartbeat,” Conroy has stated when speaking with ComicBook.com, “I love working with him. I couldn’t believe when they killed off The Joker. I would love to do it, and I hope that happens.”

That sounds positive to me! What do you think: Unsubstantiated rumours, or completely valid possibilities? Or, from left field, do you think someone else should do it? If so, who? Sound off in the comments below!

Look for Batman: The Killing Joke in an animated feature sometime in 2016!

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