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Batman Pops the Question to Catwoman in Latest Comic Issue

written by Jordan Cobb June 7, 2017

To say Batman and Catwoman have had one of the most complicated relationships ever would be a disservice truly complicated relationships. He’s a fully fledged superhero, she’s always skirting the line between hero and villain, but they also share some sexy times together and profess feelings, oh man its just so confusing!

Seriously, they are the Sam and Diane of superhero comic books! But it seems like Batman knows where his heart lies given the events of the recently released Batman #24.

Now a major SPOILER warning is being put in place here given this just came out today, so if you have now read Batman #24, look far away in the opposite direction and read something else here on this very fine site.

So anyway, Batman proposed to Catwoman. Down on one knee, diamond in hand that he has kept in his family for decades upon decades, the whole nine yards. Yeah I am as in much shock as you seem to be dear reader.

If you are wondering if this should be happening at all, book writer Tom King has then accomplished what he had set out to do. “I want people to go home and be like, ‘Should she marry him? Should she say yes?’ There’s a whole conversation that could come out of this.”

While Bruce Wayne himself as slewed with plenty of ladies over the course of his time, his heart and mind always seemed drawn to the mystery that is Selina Kyle. This is a key factor as to why King is exploring this side of Batman at this point in time. “Everyone’s done vengeance, everyone’s done ‘The night is so dark,’ Giving Batman more pain doesn’t reveal anything about his character because he’s taken as much pain as he can. But giving him love and joy, that combines with the tragedy of his past into something new and never done before.”

In a way I agree with King a lot here as exploring a softer and personal side of Batman allows us the readers to see more of the character than being a brooding detective. Also Catwoman is someone Batman can truly relate to and honestly connect with.

Well we’re gonna need to wait a couple of weeks before we get the answer in Batman #25, so let’s all begin the speculating!

What is your reaction to this? Do you hope she says yes? Who should Batman settle down with if she says no? Let us know in the comments below!

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