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Batman: The Telltale Series Release Date, New Trailer (VIDEO)

written by Jason Marcano July 21, 2016

The world premiere trailer to Telltale’s new Batman game is full of everything a Bat-fan could want. You geeks may remember the pre-E3 news we covered on this game along with the voice cast announcementbut now we have something better; A release date!

Unlike the other Batman gamethis one will actually come out. The first episode, titled “Realm of Shadows,” will be ready for eager gamers to download on August 2nd for basically every platform—save anything by Nintendo. This includes iOS, Android, Steam, any console current or last gen, and so on.

Batman TellTale

The trailer itself reveals new story beats and gives us a look at the city of Gotham. Telltale has truly nailed the look and feel of a Batman comic. The drama with Bruce Wayne looks to be just as engaging as the action when he dons the cowl.

Other characters make an appearance in the trailer including: Harvey Dent, Commissioner Gordon, Alfred, and Catwoman. They all look great in Telltale’s new engine, a refined version of the one used in their “Walking Dead” series. It even seems they have eliminated the jankiness known to plague their games.

Catwoman TellTale

Telltale describes the game’s plot as such: “Enter the fractured psyche of Bruce Wayne and discover the powerful and far-reaching consequences of your choices as the Dark Knight.”

They claim the choices you make will “…write a fascinating new chapter in the complex and dangerous lives of the playboy industrialist and the vigilante detective.”

A deep emotional story with choices tinged in shades of grey? Sounds par for the course for a Telltale series. I for one cannot wait for “Batman: A Telltale Series.”

Check out the awesome trailer below, and let us know if you’ll be answering the call of the Bat-Signal come August 8th.

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