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Batman v Superman Casting Rumours: Scoot McNairy and Jena Malone Secret Roles Revealed?

written by J Martell August 1, 2015


Supporting characters are getting the spotlight this week for Batman v Superman!

Though we’ve known for over a year that both Scoot McNairy and Jena Malone would be taking part in the DC Cinematic Universe’s first REAL effort (Man of Steel was technically the first, but since it featured only Superman and easily could have stood on its own, we won’t count it), but all parties involved have been tight-lipped about their roles.

We’re hearing now that not only have both been cast, but they’ve been cast in long-standing supporting roles that were not among the most popular theories these last months.


According to a yet-to-be confirmed exclusive by Latino Review, Malone will be playing Barbara Gordon (known occasionally as the commissioner’s daughter, Batgirl, and the wheelchair bound Oracle). In addition, Heroic Hollywood claims to have a source who has revealed that McNairy will fill the role of Superman’s shutterbug pal, Jimmy Olsen.


Though McNairy’s role has had no real concrete role that fans theorized (guesses were anything from Metallo, to Will Magnus, to even Jimmy Olsen), it’s been long believed that Malone would be playing Batman’s sidekick from the Frank Miller Dark Knight books, Carrie Kelley. That being said, Kelly’s red hair and glasses always reminded fans of Babs Gordon anyway, so maybe it’ll be more of an amalgam character with some elements of both.

I believe both casting rumours to be fairly safe, neither looking to bring a lot of jeers from the fans, but they shouldn’t necessarily get a lot of buzz either. What do you think of these as possible casting choices? Do they fit physically? Are both talented enough to pull off these important supporting roles? Tell us what you think!

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