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Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice review with DHTG Spoiler Free

written by Shane "Geek" Lundberg March 25, 2016

I tried my best to stay away from every review before I made it to the opening night of one of the most anticipated movies of the year. I couldn’t help but scroll over review after review with negative titles involving the words like “YAWN” and “boring” trying to sway my input before I even hit the seat. Now after just leaving the movie, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice I am ready to finally give my response. This is a spoiler free review so feel free to read on.


When the casting was first set I was immediately distraught, as was most geeks with Batman being casted as Daredevil himself Ben Affleck. Then we were hit with another hammer when we found our Jessie Eisenberg was cast as Lex Luthor. Some were worried about the Woman of Wonder (Wonder Woman) Gal Gadot and how she would hold the roll and if Zack Snyder would pull the whole thing off in a nutshell. I watched the film in IMAX 3D and I would recommend the same. From the beginning there are quite a bit of 3D effects that were done very nicely and it plays well in 3D.


First thing I noticed about the movie was the overpowering music. The movie is extremely LOUD! I don’t say that in the theater I was at was loud…but the movie itself has overpowering music in places I would rather hear effects or even nothing at all. I left feeling a little of a headache due to the noise so be ready for some head rattling. Snyder starts in with his known cinematography of zooming in on items and slow motion as the character story builds.

You of course have to immediately go through the Bruce Wayne family deaths…like we all have not seen that enough. I noticed the attention to detail was great. You take a quick look back at when Zod and Superman were throwing down and some of the horrible destruction that was happening but this time from the eyes of Bruce Wayne on the ground. Time was really spent on CGI and it looks amazing as most Snyder films do. The action in the movie is fast but slow enough that you can actually see the battle (Spider-Man take notes) and I was even in IMAX.


Most of the characters actually do a really solid job. I have to say even though I was not looking forward to Batfleck…I think he did a great job pulling off the older Batman. Batman shows off a few of his toys but sticks to the normals, like the Batmobile and the Batwing. Gal as Wonder Woman was the most BA in the film IMO. She did a wonderful job even down to a smirk while fighting Doomsday (something Wonder Woman would do with some legendary beast). Cavill plays Superman well, I think he just fits the roll. I thought that in the last film as well.Lex_Luthor_(1990s_Cartoon)

Then there is Jessie Eisenberg as Lex Luthor…why oh why? I am not sure how this role was filled or someone thought he would be able to handle such a serious, genius kind of character. Mark Zuckerberg I get. Put him as a twitchy little nerd, even as a pot smoking badass in American Ultra. But a serious calm, intelligent, mastermind that has struck the screen as Gene Hackman and Kevin Spacey…just doesn’t fit. Even when you look at the cartoon version, you see a big chest, calm and cool. There are times through the movie I was wondering if I was watching a character be fit for Joker as he slipped further and further into craziness and more and more annoying inflections came from his shaky voice. He was by far my least favorite part of the entire film.


Snyder sticks with most of the comic book guidelines with the characters but seems to take a very long time to find those guidelines. The movie seemed to drag on in parts where nothing really was happening. Then as it starts to come together for day VS night….meh. Most of you know Doomsday is in the film that has been leaked as has most of the movie since the beginning as we saw pics of him in the trailers. I thought they did just OK with him. First things first…he is HUGE. Doomsday was big but not that big.

I also thought a little more detail could have been spent on him and his spikes other than just the big grayish blobby hulk that we ended up with. He almost reminded me of one of the trolls from LOTR. For the diehard Superman fans out there you will see some discrepancies with Doomsday but I leave that with you to find.


Without me ruining any of the movie I give it an OK. I hate doing number scales but if I did on a scale of 10. I would put Batman VS Superman: Dawn of Justice around a 5.5. Worth seeing just to see the storylines progress. The action is there for the big screen (just not enough of it). Most of the storylines for the characters we already know but, to see where DC is taking some of the other films coming down the pipeline with some of the Easter Eggs in the film make the price of admission worth it. Feel free to leave anything in the comments or let me know what you thought if the film.

I will also tell you this. There is nothing after the credits. I waited and waited just to make sure. So feel free to get up and leave when the credits roll.

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