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Battleborn bombing on Steam!

written by Chad "LoganDX" G. May 27, 2016

Battleborn logo containing a few characters from the game

Battleborn was given the typical Gearbox hype pre release, with media outlets soaking up as much info as possible. It looks like that hasn’t translated to Steam players.

Here we are, just a scant three weeks since the latest Gearbox release, Battleborn, has hit and Steam has not been its friend. Ranking at 103 on the Steam leaderboards, it is being beaten out by an overclocking program for tinkerers. That’s right, a AAA Gearbox title can’t touch something people are using to mod their computers.

In fact the game can’t even grab the bar past Spacewar, a developer demo. Sure it’s a freebie but come on geeks, this is Battleborn! It should be way higher on the list.

Does this bode well for Gearbox? It seems like for every Borderlands they pump out, they get crap for doing something original. Most fans forget Borderlands was an original IP just like Battleborn is right now. Why are Steam players not giving it the chance it deserves? Is it because Blizzard’s Overwatch overshadowed it?

Tell me geeks, what is on your minds? Have you played ‘Born on Steam? On consoles? Do you think it’s wrongly bleeding players on Steam or is it justified? Tell me in those comments down below!

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