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Battleborn, A MOBA for Everyone. BETA Overview with DHTG

written by Jon "BatPool" M April 18, 2016
Battleborn logo containing a few characters from the game

Battleborn logo containing a few characters from the game

I took advantage of the Battleborn Open Beta this weekend and it did not disappoint. Let me start by saying that I, personally, do not have extensive experience in the MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) genre of gaming. With that being said, Battleborn was a pleasing gaming experience. For those, like myself, that haven’t delved into the MOBA world of gaming, I believe this game can open a whole new world.

Battleborn is set in a fantasy rich, sci-fi future where a bunch of colorful characters from all over the universe fight to protect the last star from a mysterious evil force. These characters are referred to as the badasses. The variety of badasses ranges from steampunk sniper robots to four armed black mages to chain-gun wielding lumberjacks. Each character is very unique in their play style and as you level up your Command Rank, you will unlock more playable characters.


The characters and their individuality is what made this game so fun for me. You can play a space marine with a futuristic assault rifle or get up close and personal with a vampiric samurai. You can also play as a support character, one of which is a living mushroom type character that can shoot a beam of healing energy to assist your teammates on the battlefield.

I found that most people, when first starting out, are unclear of the objectives in the most popular game mode, Incursion. Incursion is divided up into two five person teams, the object is to destroy the opposing team’s sentry robots. Most of us started out with the intent on getting as many player kills as possible, completely missing out on the objective, resulting in a defeat. Once you get past that though, it makes the game so much more entertaining. There is a leveling system within each round that you can utilize to give you attack boosts, shield boosts, longer durations of special abilities, etc. Each time you use a character, you also gain character experience in which you can level the character up to unlock new skins and taunts.


There is also a campaign story if you tire from the PvP, which has the comedic tone that Gearbox  and 2K have brought us in the past with Borderlands 2. Through the open beta, I was able to play one chapter of the campaign and I cannot wait for the game’s release to play through the campaign in its entirety. Battleborn will also feature couch co-op.

All in all, for a beta, I was thoroughly impressed with Battleborn.

Battleborn releases on May 3, 2016. Check out the reveal trailer below.

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