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‘Battlerite’ Announces Upcoming Battle Royale Mode

written by Logan Brklacic May 7, 2018

What happens when a certain type of game becomes popular? Other games start to hitch onto that bandwagon, that’s what. Arena Brawler Battlerite announced May 3, 2018, that it will be dipping into the Battle Royale market this summer. Battlerite, developed by Stunlock Studios, is a team arena brawler with MOBA-esque elements. With a focus on short and intense matches, it tries to stand out from the pack.

Now before you get all, “Another Battle Royale game? How original!” on me, this won’t be exactly like most Battle Royales out on the market right now. The game mode will be played from a top-down view, similar to that of Diablo 3. Also, the games will run for about 10 minutes and pit 20 players against each other. This is obviously much different than the Battle Royales we have now, which usually host 100 players in a match that lasts until just one person or team is left standing.

In-game screenshot of Battlerite's gameplay

Actual gameplay of Battlerite

Battlerite currently hosts 27 unique champions to choose from, and they will be who you play as in the grand fight. This will add challenge to the game mode as it is not your typical first- or third- person shooter. The player will need to rely on pure skill, map awareness, item builds, and (when all else fails) a little luck. All of this combined with an action-MOBA/arena brawler and survival gameplay will make for something really interesting.

After the initial announcement of the new game mode, responses have been mixed. People have taken to Twitter to voice their opposition or acceptance of Battlerite‘s decision. Here are some of the responses:

Since Battlerite‘s launch, more than 4 million unique players have tried it out. This has sent Battlerite to the top of Steam’s top-selling “free-to-play” games multiple times. Battlerite offers players six of their champions on a free rotation every week. The champions can be permanently unlocked with in-game currency or by micro-transactions. They do offer an “All Champions” pack for $29.99 that will unlock every current champion and all future champions yet to be released.

How do you feel about a new Battle Royale game mode coming out? Are you for it or against it? Let us know in the comments!

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