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Battlestar Galactica the Original Series Can Get Revamped With Fans Help

written by Manny Popoca AKA: MannysPlace November 25, 2014

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If you are an Original Series Battlestar Galactica fan, how would you like to be part of helping revive one of Americas best TV sci-fi classics?! A series that ended up being figuratively and literally far beyond its time could get a makeover. Just the same way George Lucas redid the entire Star Wars Saga Episodes IV – VI, with his updated versions adding new special effects and scenes. Most fans hated the storytelling changes made to Star Wars with these “touch-ups” but the SFX really added a lot to the overall looks of the outdated films.



We found an incredible promo showing what Battlestar Galactica “could” look like with just a bit of extra tender special effects love. There seems to be some forces at work who are all about getting Battlestar Galactica the feel and look that writer/director Glen A. Larson envisioned. This test footage shows what the classic TV show could have ultimately reached if the technology could have been available at the time. The weekly television series budgeted at over $1,000,000 per episode (estimates vary by experts). Much of this money was spent on the special effects of the show which for the time were actually pretty darn cool! But the spending of such high budget then lead to very frequent, often glaringly obvious, re-use of effects footage throughout the series wherever possible.

The test footage (at the bottom) is a great example how far SFX have come and for a fraction of the cost then of the bank breaking budgets in the late 70’s. Once you check out the footage you’ll see that whoever is behind this campaign needs to be financed and financed with a quickness!! This is a BRILLIANT idea and just watching the test footage gave me all sorts of happy feelings from my childhood. The much-needed updated look of the squadrons and dog fights is really on point! To me that was one of the draws of the show and that was the edge-of-your-seat action was only doomed by the over use of the same old stock footage. This newer footage is on a much higher pace and the fighter launches are a whole new ballgame. This sort of reminds me of the HD Discovery or Military Channel that has the remade famous dog fights from aviation history. Well if they can do that kind of treatment to the fighter scenes and each being completely different! Now we got a whole new TV series that already has a pretty decent character development. Not to mention one of the coolest star fighter pilots of all time. That’s right, Lt. Starbucks himself!!

This needs to get done folks, so if you are a fan in any way please spread the word of this promo video. Share this with as many sci-fi geeks you know!!



The brain child from the mind of master sci-fi writer Glen A. Larson, Battlestar Galactica was first pitched as a TV show in the late 1960’s. Due to the outrageous success of Star Wars the ideas for the storyline Ark started production in 1978. The studios may have had huge hopes to cash in on the success of Star Wars. They didn’t expect all the new ideas with strong religious tones and real dramatic storytelling. BSG ended up being much more than a simple space show, to many of its countless fans over the decades it had been an experience. BSG the television series premiered on the ABC television network on September 17, 1978. It ran only a single season airing 24 episodes. ABC canceled the show in April 1979. Its last episode, “the Hand of God” was broadcast on April 29.

With Richard Hatch (Captain Apollo), Dirk Benedict (Lt. Starbuck), Lorne Greene (Commander Adama), Herbert Jefferson Jr. (Lt. Boomer) and Terry Carter (Colonel Tigh) being the only actors to appear in all 24 episodes of the series. The show had numerous guest appearances and memorable side character Boxy.


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