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Beast Bound for iOS App REVIEW

written by comics-girl13 July 20, 2015

Beast Bound 5

I don’t know about you guys but when I get home at the end of the day, my first priority is to relax. I might read a book, catch up on a show, usually if I’m being honest with myself I end up doing both. By the end of the night I’m exhausted. But some nights, I’ll be in this awkward stage before sleep where I’m not super tired but I want to be on the verge of sleep, that’s when I go to my games section of my iPhone and play! Yes, I have blitzed on Bejewled Blitz, I have taken care of my dragons just like Daenery’s would while playing Dragon City, and who can forget that time (even though we might want to) where we were all crushing candy and begging Facebook friends to help us get to the next level in Candy Crush. I was looking for something new though and that’s when I decided to look into Beast Bound.

Beast Bound is a free game by J.B Gaming Inc. and it’s probably the most adorable game I have ever played. The characters are so cute and your guide throughout the game is even more cute. Don’t let that turn you off to it though, you manly manly nerds of the internet! One of the great things about this game is that as soon as you start off your guide, whom I’m pretty sure is a cat… he looks like one but it still could be debated, starts telling you about how need to remember who you are and asks if you are a girl or boy. I love that the game lets you choose your gender of your character. It was a nice change of pace getting to decide your own fate.

Another great thing about this game is that you get thrown into it right away so to speak. The map shows you the places that you can go throughout the world but when you start off there’s only place. Places get added as you continue on throughout the game. In fact, every time you level up there is a nice place on the map that you can explore and fight beasts in. As soon as you hit the first place on the map you’re in the world! While this was exciting and great there were some hiccups and bumps in the road because of this. It took me about ten minutes to figure out how to successfully walk around in the game by the time I figured it out, I had realized I was walking around in the least efficient way possible! Some beast hunter I was turning out to be!

Beast Bound 3

Now that I had finally figured out how to stand on my two feet, I was really ready to explore the world of Beast Bound and fight these beasts! Or at least I thought I was. I’m walking along on my merry way collecting coins and the like when suddenly I run into a beast. I’m excited, I’m pumped, and I’m ready to kick some beast ass… whatever that beast may be. One of the biggest problems I had with this game was the lack of story. Now, don’t get me wrong, every game doesn’t have to have a story but it felt like Beast Bound was trying to create one and just not being very successful at it. There were different kinds of beast, one looked like a drooping flower and another looked like a big bouncy ball with arms, legs, and angry eyes but I didn’t know why exactly it was important I continued to fight them.
Beast Bound 6

But I carried on, a beast hunter’s work is never done! I have to give my guide credit in the aspect that it is hysterical, they certainly gave it a sense of humor. The cat, if that’s what it is, is sarcastic and almost makes you forget that there isn’t much of a purpose to this game except to battle beasts, almost. I did love that the beasts continued to get more challenging as I went throughout the game, what I didn’t love is that I wasn’t told until the middle of level two how to block attacks when I was in a battle. The beast got more challenging and I continued to die, going back to the workshop restoring my health thinking I would get it this time, only to die again because I didn’t know how to block! Once I was told I could block during attacks and really developed the skill for it I figured now I was unstoppable, now I could slay all the beasts, look out here I come!

Beast Bound 2

Well… not really. Don’t get me wrong I had my battle techniques down perfect by the third day of playing this game and I was unstoppable to a degree. But suddenly, I learned that there was actual objectives I wasn’t fulfilling. I accidentally hit the side of the screen and found an objectives page that I wasn’t even aware of. I mean as far as I was concerned, every time I leveled up I received a new world on the map so I figured that was all I had to do. So I shook it off, rolled back my shoulders, and kept going. Now I would just have to battle beasts and meet the objectives at the same time, totally easy, I got this. So on I journeyed, doing everything I had set out to do at 2am when I should be sleeping but instead am playing iPhone games. But it was worth it because I made it to level three!

Beast Bound 4

I’m on level three and really digging this game, I finally had a grasp on everything that was going on. I was enjoying it and having fun and then two things happened. The first one was that as I was playing ad’s popped up. A pop up ad is no one’s friend, especially when playing a game. However, I have to give the creators of Beast Bound a lot of credit because they manage to tie the ads into the game, having character themselves get angry and be sarcastic when the pop up ads came on. The second was part of the deal breaker for me. When I got to level three, I received a new world like always. However, when I went to go check it out a little message popped up telling me that I needed more secret folders before I could enter this world… what the hell is a secret folder?!? Have I been picking them up all along and not knowing it? Is that what the secret is? How do I receive these secret messages?!?

Beast Bound 1It was at this point where I decided to hang up my sword, so to speak, and give up on Beast Bound. Make no mistake, it was a very cute game and it definitely killed the boredom at 2am when I needed something to do to just zone out, but as far as games go I felt like it was trying to do something and failed. It felt like there was supposed to be a story, maybe even an overarching one, but it just wasn’t there. Now granted, if I kept going maybe I would have found more of a story but by the third level it was the same thing over and over again which quite frankly got very repetitious. With more story and maybe a better upfront tutorial Beast Bound could make it back in my stable. I recommend you give it a shot and let me know in the comments below if you have anything to add.

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