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Beating the Hell Out of Mighty Mug! (REVIEW)

written by Jude Kasekamp June 28, 2017
Mighty Mug: Will it spill?

Mighty Mug claims to be “the mug that won’t fall”. We put it to the test, and took it to the next level!

I am a coffee lover. I drink more cups over the course of one day than is entirely healthy. That means it is more likely that I will spill my coffee – at my desk, in the car, or anywhere! With a Mighty Mug, that shouldn’t be a problem. Each mug has a special system on the bottom that makes it stick to a¬†flat surface, without adhesives. This means you can fill it up with your favourite beverage, and it won’t spill when you bump into it with your hand or elbow. This has saved me so much aggravation in the short time that I’ve been using these mugs!

If you can’t accidentally knock the Mighty Mug over with your arm, how does it hold up to something a little more extreme? Now, keep in mind that the company clearly states that you shouldn’t intentionally punch these things. That isn’t what they’re designed to sustain. However, they didn’t say anything about tennis balls or baseball bats!

I got a little creative in my video review on the official DHTG YouTube channel. I nearly threw out my arm, hurling tennis ball after tennis ball at the two mugs Mighty Mug were kind (or foolish?) enough to send to us! These things took a beating and actually held up okay overall. I did knock them over eventually. Granted I won’t be trying out for my local minor league team anytime soon, but let’s just say I did put some heat on those pitches.

Next, I busted out my trusty baseball bat, Barbara. The larger of the two mugs was certainly easier to knock over, but they both took little taps in stride. I was only able to send the mugs flying when I put some malice behind it!

Finally, I performed the very practical “I’m sleepy in the morning, so I forgot my coffee mug on the roof of my car” test. I expected this little guy to go shooting off the roof as soon as I pulled away, but it held on for dear life and even almost made it! Under hard braking and quick turns, I was able to send the Mighty Mug down to the pavement.

I must say, these things are DURABLE. After all the abuse that I put them through, they’re in great shape and going strong. In fact, I’m using one while typing up this review right now.

A big shoutout to Might Mug for sending these two over for review. Buy as many as you can afford right here!

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