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Beauty and the Beast New Scenes and Dress Close-Up

written by Robin Anderson January 6, 2017
Belles Dress Animated and Live-Action

Over the past few days, Beauty and the Beast has released a few TV Spots—two of which contain heart-warming new scenes! Secondly, gather all fans and cosplayers, because behold the beautiful close-ups of Emma Watson‘s dress and the Beast’s suit!

You Can Talk

The first, entitled “You Can Talk” shows absolutely charming scenes. The first new one being one where Belle picks up a lovely hairbrush and kindly asks for its name. Only to find out that, “That is a hairbrush”.

Also who can forget the original snow-fight scene in the animated movie? We see a glimpse of it in the TV Spot, where Belle playfully throws a snowball at our favorite Beast. It is also not hard to notice, that her outfit in the snow was skillfully based off of the original.

Belles Dress from the winter scene in both movies

We can only hope that all of her outfits are as close as possible to the animated movie!

Charm Her

Here we have more ‘awwww’ moments. The spot opens with the Beast seeking advice from his friends concerning how to win over the love of Belle, only to end up scaring them with his smile.

In the animated movie, and shown in the trailer, Belle gets attacked by wolves. While she fends them off, it is clear that she will soon meet her demise; luckily, the Beast jumps in and saves her at the risk of his own life.

In this clip, Belle starts by graciously saying, “I never thanked you for saving my life.” Regular stand-up comedian Adam adds in, “I never thanked you for not leaving me to be eaten by wolves”.

Belle’s Dress

Almost everybody has seen the promotional picture of Emma Watson donning her version of the Belle dress while walking in the ballroom. While this is a beautiful picture, due to the light and her movement, it is difficult to see the detail of her dress.

Beauty and the Beast (2017) Emma Watson as Belle

The following photos were taken from a display at ArcLight Sherman Oaks cinema.


[tie_slide] Slide 1 | Emma Watson Belle Dress [/tie_slide]

[tie_slide] Slide 2 | Emma Watson Belle Dress [/tie_slide]

[tie_slide] Slide 3 | Emma Watson Belle Dress [/tie_slide]

[tie_slide] Slide 4 | Emma Watson Belle Dress [/tie_slide]

[tie_slide] Slide 5 | Emma Watson Belle Dress [/tie_slide]

[tie_slide] Slide 6 | Emma Watson Belle Dress [/tie_slide]


Costume of a Beast


[tie_slide] Slide 1 | Beast Costume

[tie_slide] Slide 2 | Beast Costume

[tie_slide] Slide 3 |Beast Costume

[tie_slide] Slide 4 | Beast Costume


These outfits are exquisitely beautiful, though there are some obvious differences between the live-action costumes and the animated versions. Should they have tried to make their designs more similar to the original movie, or do you think that it is important for this movie to have its own style?

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