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Beauty and The Beast Teaser Trailer is here!

written by Jessica "RavenPwnz" D. May 23, 2016
Emma as Belle

Disney has been on a roll with the live action versions of their animated classics. They just released the live action Jungle Book which has done rather well in theaters, and now they are once again bringing you a tale as old as time. You guessed it! Beauty and The Beast.

The teaser trailer was just released, and shows a hauntingly beautiful castle, some minor dialogue between what sounds like Lumiere and Cogsworth, and shows the beautiful and talented Emma Watson and Belle herself! Check it out for yourself!

Granted, not much was given away outside of the basics, but the trailer is just enough to hook the viewer and invoke that nostalgic feeling. I remember falling in love with the movie as a child and I’m even more excited to see it now. I cannot wait to see how Gaston plays out on screen. With how well the Disney live action movies have played on screen, I can only imagine that this one will live up tosexpectations of fans both old and young. Disney is set to release this film in theaters March, 17th of 2017.

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