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Storey Publishing Releases a Beer Geek Handbook – and it is Amazing!

written by Liana "LiLi" R. May 18, 2016
Beer Geek

Geeks that enjoy a good beer around the world can finally rejoice! Patrick Dawson, author the new book The Beer Geek Handbook, has got our backs for those of us who like to partake in a certain hoppy pleasure.

Dawson’s classic writing style centers around sarcastic humour, witty one-liners, and hilarious commentary. But don’t let that fool you, he knows what he is talking about. With thorough researching (both in the books and in practice – drink for science!), Dawson will have seasoned beer drinkers as well as the noobs coming onto the scene equally enjoying what he’s got to say about a good ‘ol fashioned brew.

Beer Geek

Stouts, IPAs, Red Ales – he’s got it all and he’s here to help readers determine what goes beyond that initial moment that delicious liquid hits the palate. The deeper side of beer, if you will. What factors go into rating this enjoyable beverage? Where are the best places to get the goods? Who is at the top of their beer-ey game? He’s got the answers and so can you, if you’re interested. The Beer Geek Handbook will make a beer connoisseur out of you yet.

Beer Geek

A little background info on the writer behind this beer bible: Patrick Dawson is a highly accredited writer with a focus on craft beers. He runs his own home brewery while being an active columnist for the Craft Beer & Brewing magazine. With his thoughts and experience found all over the internet, Dawson is the man you can trust for all your beer inquiries.


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