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Ben Affleck is Still On Board with The Batman Movie

written by Jude Kasekamp February 26, 2017
ben affleck as batman in batcave

Ben Affleck, one of Kevin Smith’s favourites, and one of my hometown heroes, recently stepped down as director of The Batman. Reports of Batleck also bowing out of the leading role in the DC Extended Universe film followed soon after. Now, Casey Affleck’s big brother has put those rumours to rest with a single tweet.

Welcome to the Batcave, @MattReevesLA

Affleck welcomed new director Matt Reeves to the project with a shot of Bruce Wayne standing in front of his computer screens in the Batcave. Big Ben seems to be in full Batman gear, less the infamous cowl of the Dark Knight. I would be lying if I said the photo didn’t make me tingle with excitement.

While I personally loved Batman v Superman, the blockbuster movie had more than its share of critics. Nevertheless, Ben Affleck’s performance stood out. In the vein of Heath Ledger’s Joker, he silenced those who doubted his casting by bringing a brutal grittiness to the character. In short, he was amazing.

Affleck is certainly an accomplished actor. He is also a successful director, who has a real passion for Batman and the DCEU. We were genuinely worried when he stepped away from director’s chair for this eagerly anticipated movie. However, with Matt Reeves adding this to his resume of CloverfieldDawn of the Planet of the Apes, and upcoming War for the Planet of the Apes, it seems to be in great hands.

The battle between the MCU and DCEU is going strong. Of course, Marvel movies tend to outperform their DC counterparts in the minds of critics. Hopefully, DC and Warner Bros. learn from their Suicide Squad missteps. We will find out when Wonder WomanJustice LeagueAquamanThe Flash, and others hit theaters.

Are you geeks still excited for this movie? Do you think all this volatility will hurt the DCEU, or will Ben Affleck and company prevail? Let us know in the comments!

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