Thursday , 23 February 2017

Ben Affleck Might Just Leave The Batman and DCEU Altogether

At this point, The Batman is becoming one of those movies were the story behind the movie might be more fascinating than the actual movie itself.

We all know the recent rollercoaster the film has been through with star Ben Affleck stepping down from directing in order to better focus on acting the part and lighten up his workload. Well a new director has been found and the script itself has gone under a rewrite and now he might just be done with the whole thing.

Collider Movie Talk host John Campea reported on a recent episode that three different sources over at Warner Bros. have reported that Affleck is looking and possibly just abandoning the role of the Caped Crusader altogether. The word is that Affleck is currently discussing with the studio about getting out of the deal he signed with them to play Batman, which the aforementioned film. Should a deal between both parties not be reached in time, The Batman is going to be the last time Affleck is under the cowl.

The news doesn’t come as too much of a shock given some previous comments Affleck has said before about how he won’t commit to a project unless he thinks its absolutely right for him and Geoff Johns, Affleck’s partner on this and DC President, has been rather silent during this whole thing. That just adds even more fuel to this fire!

Campea himself has stated its all purely rumor right now so this whole thing needs to be taken with the tiniest grain of salt until something absolutely concrete comes out.

What is you reaction to all this geeks? Do you think Affleck will leave Gotham City behind? Who would you want to replace him if he leaves? Who is your favorite Batman? Let us know in the comments below!

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