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Ben Affleck Reportedly Signed on to Play Batman in Trilogy and maybe Beyond

written by Jordan Cobb July 31, 2017

It looks as if Ben Affleck’s relationship with Warner Bros. has finally become stable.

Its been reported by comicbookmovie.com that Affleck has signed on to continue playing Batman in the upcoming trilogy of films being directed by Matt Reeves and even keep playing Bruce Wayne into a Batman Beyond film. The source of the original story is someone inside Warner, but we will keep you updated should this story change very soon.

Ben Affleck as The Batman

The recent rumors of Affleck being phased out of the DC Extended Universe will be put to bed even further should this news be fully confirmed. Before Warner Bros. presented at the recent San Diego Comic-Con, word came out that Affleck wouldn’t be involved in playing Batman much longer, but that was sprung up from reported contact issues.

Affleck as Batman looks set in stone, but let’s focus on the possible big revelation of this, there could finally be a live action Batman Beyond adaptation. For those unaware, Batman Beyond was an animated series that ran from 1999-2001 and set several years after Batman: The Animated Series. On Beyond, Bruce Wayne has retired from being Batman and reluctantly mentors a brand new Caped Crusader in the form of Terry McGinnis as he becomes the Batman of the future.

Beyond was a very popular show and gained a huge following and has since become official canon within DC Comics itself. Fans have been clamoring for a little more of Beyond in the form of a movie, be it a live action adaptation or another animated film given how loved Return of the Joker is.

Given Affleck’s age, when the time would come to do a Batman Beyond film, he would perfectly fit the role of an old and grizzled Bruce Wayne. Nothing is of course very finalized right now, but the possibility of the DC Extended Universe tapping into the future and possibly bringing on Terry is an exciting one.

Once more of this story develops, you can come right back here to Don’t Hate the Geek to find out the details.

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