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Best 2017 (Geeky) Film Adaptation: You Decide!

written by Ro November 29, 2017
Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, holding sword

Some of the most anticipated movies of 2017 owe their existence to a novel or comic/graphic novel. Film adaptations, like reboots, are Hollywood’s bread and butter. Now that December is almost upon us, let’s take a look back at some of those film adaptations. As Connor MacLeod of the clan MacLeod says, “There can be only one” Best Film Adaptation of 2017! Okay, so maybe that last bit is me. But he’d totally agree with me (I dare you to tell me you don’t hear Queen’s Princes of the Universe playing in your head right now).

As the year winds down and the X-Mas countdown kicks into high gear, I’m making my DVD/Blu-ray buy list. I know a few titles that are without a doubt on that checklist.

Lady Macbeth


An unbelievably amazing Victorian drama based on 1865 novella “Lady Macbeth of the Mtsensk” by Nikolai Leskov is in my shopping cart

Wonder Woman

That more than did justice to the comics. DC’s “The New 52” was on pre-order before I left the theater.

King Arthur: The Legend of the Sword

Because I can always count on Guy Ritchie to give me my guilty pleasure rewatch. 

However, I always hesitate on which film adaptations to buy. The hardest to decide on are movies based on books I know (Marvel franchise films not included). I most likely own or have read the book or comic. I most likely LOVED the book or comic.

The year may not be over, but it’s unlikely that December film adaptations will be available for your holiday shopping. So, let’s just pretend they’re not happening. What sets one film adaptation apart from another when it comes time to buy the DVD/Blu-ray? When is it best to just re-read the source material and pretend the film never happened?

I’ll say upfront, we’re not discussing The Dark Tower because outside of Idris Elba’s Roland, that was not an adaptation.  Anyone says different, send them to me. I got a boxed set all ready to lob at their head so they can get to reading.

You know the saying, “Never judge a book by its movie”? Well, no one ever said it held true in reverse. After some of this year’s movie mishaps, I’m feeling…. judgy.

Let’s take a poll. What do you think is the best 2017 film adaptation?

This poll is nowhere near the full number of film adaptations that premiered this year. However, most of the others are much more “serious” or reality-based projects.

You’ll likely hear their name for the first time once awards season is in full swing. They’ll also be the focus of many an end-of-year post about best/worst films of 2017. But just as the awards committee(s) often ignore genre films, we’re going to pretend that Best Picture’s going to a film that brings sunshine to our geeky/nerdy film watching hearts!

I (not so much my wallet) thank you. People trying to figure out what to get the movie-loving book nerds in their life will thank you, too.

Do you think we missed a film adaption that should’ve been included? Was your vote a love/hate dilemma? Sound off in the comments!

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