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Best Buy Silently Kills Gamers Club Unlocked

written by Damian Gordon May 23, 2018
A Best Buy where Gamers Club Unlocked was sold is having a fire

Retailer Best Buy plunged a knife into gamers’ pockets this week as they discontinued their Gamers Club Unlocked. The program offered a ton of sales on gaming products. The company sent out a memo to employees about the program’s closure and what will happen to existing members. The memo has since made the rounds around the internet to websites like Twitter and Reddit.

Gamers Club Unlocked Is Dead

Put down the tiki torches for a second. Those have done so, it’s never been a good look. The GCU program will still run for the remainder for existing users until their memberships expire. However, no one will be able to register for the program anymore as of this writing.

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Gamers Club Unlocked was liked by many for the ability to stack and use discounts like 20% off new games, guides, and $10 vouchers for pre-ordering certain games.

GCU initially had a $100 price tag to its membership, until it dropped to $30 for a two-year subscription. It is one of those things like Steam that makes you wonder how they earn money off of it. The program felt like the final days in the Old West and gamers were just outlaws trying to get the most before riding into the sunset.

On to the Next One

Best Buy’s GCU was one of the few programs that could compete with Amazon Prime, which offers 20% off new games as well. There is still GameStop’s PowerUp Rewards and Target’s Cartwheel for those looking for discounts and sales. Also, DHTG has a feature up every week with the lowdown in gaming sales for our avid readers!

It is still unclear if GCU is being completely dropped or retooled for a similar program down the line. The latest this program can be used until is May 2020, if the robot apocalypse hasn’t come yet, go ahead and cop yourself a game.

How do you feel about GCU being shut down? Do you have a favorite place to buy games? Leave your comments to let us know!

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