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Spider-Man movie rights go back to MARVEL!!

written by Manny Popoca AKA: MannysPlace January 14, 2015


I don’t like writing about rumors till I’ve had a bit more concrete information but this absolutely goes with what I’ve been saying for a while now . So if this one turns out to be true, then everything I stuck my neck out to say weeks ago will be vindicated.




Spider-Man movie rights WILL go back to Marvel:

Spider-Man is going to be in the upcoming Marvel movie Captain America: Civil War possibly Avengers 3. If this rumor that was provided by the inside Disney source deems to be correct, we could see the Spider-Man movie rights revert BACK to Marvel Studios!! With the official word supposedly coming after a  “Spidey Summit” in January. This is earth shattering news if this source does turn out to be solid. I am digging as hard as I can to find out a more or an official word but for now I am going to say this is the DONE DEAL like I had already speculated about!


Spiderman goes back to Marvel


From actual Sony leaked e-mails we have this:

email dated October 13, 2014, from Michael De Luca, co-president of production for Columbia Pictures, to Amy Pascal, co-chairman of Sony Pictures Entertainment, plans for a Spider-Man three cameo in Captain America: Civil War, which is scheduled to hit theaters May 6, 2016.

“The new spiderman in cap 3 could just appear in his own film, be it sinister six or a kick ass spidey film of his own, after that intro in cap 3 and people would be cool with it…”

“I really feel, in my heart of hearts, that the new spiderman in cap 3 could just appear in his own film, be it sinister six or a kick ass spidey film of his own, after that intro in cap 3 and people would be cool with it,” wrote De Luca.



Spider-Man will cameo Captain America 3



The source of the information and “Spidey Summit”:

Also I’ve been tracking down a source from a Reddit user who says he has an inside person at Disney with knowledge of inner workings involving Sony and Marvel Studios. This corroborated with some of the information I’ve already been reading from other reliable sources, this actually all looking true! Thus making this whopper of a rumor headed straight for the road of actual possibility! Meaning I am counting on Spider-Man, will cameo in newly upcoming Marvel Studio films!!

A meeting of the top studio and executive suits from Marvel and Sony, is to be held in January in Pinewood Studios. The very same place that the Avengers, and many other Hollywood blockbusters movies, have been filming. The “Spidey Summit” will include Marvel Studios Kevin Feige and Amy Pascal.



These are the rumors that I researched and seem to be in place already:

– Kevin Feige, from the sounds of things is very happy with the way Sony has been handling this deal thus far (Sony hacker leaks aside). Rumors say Captain America 3 is being directed by Joe and Anthony Russo, they also slated to direct a movie for Sony Pictures as well, “The Gray Man”. Rumors then put the two men on course to also helm Avengers: Infinity War and then they will turn their full attention to a Spider-Man trilogy, (rumor by reddit user)

– It looks like Sony of Japan and Sony Pictures have ALREADY renegotiated a groundbreaking deal with Marvel Studios for Spider-Man movie rights. Official word of these talks has not been made, also the final decision is in the hands of Sony to be made at a special “Spidey Summit” in January, but it seems all of the plans are already in place. So if Sony does agree to the deal, Marvel will then hold creative control over future Spidey films while Sony gets a share of the profits they make with marketing and distribution rights for all future standalone films. Official announcement from Sony & Marvel coming sometime in late January/February, that is of course if this is the real deal.

– It seems that the man in charge of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige wants nothing at all to do with previous Spider-Man movies and past Marvel movies head man Avi Arid. Marvel Studios is on full board with this notion, supporting Feige! Since a lot of people blame Arid and Raimi for the downfall of the Amazing franchise in ASM 3. Avi Arid was still around for Amazing Spider-Man 1 and 2. So if this Sony/Marvel deal is worked out or not worked out, this is most likely the key to it all. On the other hand Sony heads think Avi was a crucial part of the original Spidey pictures success and they feel he needs to be brought on board as well. If this is the piece that jams the deal…..I’d say toss out Avi and go with the winning product right now and that’s Marvel Studios!!

– If everything goes off without a hitch then in theory Spider-Man would be able to join the MCU in a small but important cameo in Captain America 3: Civil War. To me that’s a big part of the Civil War story is introducing the possibility of Spider-Mans identity reveal or at least we’ll get a glimpse of Iron Spider-Man!!

– If Marvel gets the rights reverted back they have these plans already in the works! The very first reboot Spidey movie of the all new franchise could begin prep work for a 2018 release date!! Marvel wants to start the slate clean so they will not be bringing Andrew Garfield back for the lead role. Do not worry Garfield fans, it seems that Marvel has already talked to Andrew separately about possibly joining Marvel for another role in a future films…..so not all is bad news for Andrew.

– Marvel does not want to do yet ANOTHER origin story. Plans are to jump right into Spider-Man being a seasoned hero for a few years, hopefully after the college years so we can get into more adult themed storylines. One that I’m hearing from Sony leaked emails is “Kraven’s Last Hunt story” which would be AWESOME in my book!!

– Marvel has actually already begun development on the script, and has begun looking at potential directors for the Spider-Man reboot. A Name tossed around as a possible director is Sylvain White. However dozens of other directors are being looked at as well so the name could mean nothing for the time being. Villains are already being talked about also. (Reddit source)

– Marvel supposedly already has a shortlist of actors in mind for the Peter Parker role that includes: Anton Yelchin, Dylan O’Brien, Freddie Highmore, Thomas Mann, Logan Lerman, Michael Angarano, Douglas Booth, Nat Wolff, and Skandar Keynes. (reddit source)

– Also on October 21 an email from De Luca to Pascal revealed some directors already in discussion for superhero films Jeff Nichols (Mud) as director of Aquaman, and plans for Phil Lord and Chris Miller (The LEGO Movie) to helm a The Amazing Spider-Man 3 in 2018.




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