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What was the Best and Worst of WWE Raw? 02/06/17

written by Jude Kasekamp February 7, 2017

WWE Raw Roman Reigns Samoa Joe Face OffWWE is ramping up to the show of shows, WrestleMania 33. Each and every Monday Night Raw is crucial to maintain momentum. So, how did last night’s Raw do? Here are the best and worst moments!

The Best of Raw

The Opening

I love me an in-ring promo to kick off the main show. However, you need a nice video package sometimes, especially when one of your biggest stars is on the shelf with a knee injury (kayfabe or not). It was a great promo, and continues the rivalry between Hunter and Seth, even when neither makes an appearance.


Samoa Joe‘s official debut, both walking down the ramp and later in the ring, made this fantasy booker happy. Joe proved to everyone that he isn’t just a monster who can beat the living hell out of a top guy like Seth Rollins. He also proved that he’s amazing on the mic, generating some fantastic heat from the beginning. Dump memes of him up in Foley’s face in the comments below.

WWE Raw wrestler Samoa Joe bleeding in match

Dirty Words

Thank you, Michael Cole, for saying Nia Jax was “just SQUASHING Bayley”. Are we allowed to say that word now, Vince? Remember, Mr. Cole: people have been suspended for less.

Speaking of Squash

Brain Strowman in a 4-on-1 handicap squash match? Bring on the jobbers! This is perfect because it’s evenly balanced out by Strowman taking on everyone else on the roster as well, not just the local talent in ugly ring gear.

We Might have Witnessed a Murder

Akira Tozawa is one of those guys in pro wrestling that is legitimately dangerous. He had a great Raw debut, and that snap German suplex with a bridge was brutal. Did someone check on Drew Gulak? I just want to make sure he’s okay.

Jericho and KO Continue to Shine

These two prove to be absolutely brilliant week after week, and last night was no exception. Goldberg was pulled in beautifully, and putting himself on Jericho’s List allowed the realistic and ridiculous to merge seamlessly.

CM Punk Should be Laughing

Or, perhaps he’d be shaking his head in dismay. Either way, The New Day made the smark in me laugh out loud by calling for ice cream. The “ice cream” chant that followed was hilarious.

Former WWE Raw wrestler CM Punk

A Main Event-Caliber Main Event

The Destroyer took care of his fellow Samoan (more on that below) in a great debut match. When Roman Reigns is paired with someone on Joe’s level, an amazing match is just about guaranteed. Joe looked strong, and the “Cena Effect” worked well on Reigns. Strowman intervening yet again, along with Joe’s subsequent win, was good, too. That’s how you book an underdog babyface like Roman, a monster like Braun, and a new heel like Joe.

The Worst of Raw

Short-Term Memory Loss

Pairing Roman Reigns with Samoa Joe – despite the great match they eventually had – was initially odd. We were expected to forget that Roman comes from a dynasty of Samoan wrestlers as he faced off with someone who has the word “Samoa” in his very name. With Rollins out, Reigns may have been seen as the de facto choice. Nevertheless, head-scratching ensued.

The Cruiserweights ain’t Getting Over

This is one of Jordan Cobb‘s favourite things to talk about, and I agree. After all, I am rooting for the success of 205 Live, especially after how great the CWC was. However, the crowd just isn’t into it. They aren’t being accepted as part of the show. No matter how good the matches are, and how good Heel Neville is as the champ, people still see it as an opportunity to use the bathroom. So think about it this way: That’s what the divas matches used to be.

WWE Raw wrestler Neville holding Cruiserweight Championship

The Verdict

It was difficult to pick out more than a couple worst parts. Yes, there was plenty that prompted me to roll my eyes, or make a trip to the fridge out of boredom. Nevertheless, it was a mainly positive show, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Let’s hope this trend continues!

So, what were your best and worst moments?

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