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Bethesda Sues Warner Bros. For Fallout Shelter Ripoff

written by Tyler June 23, 2018
Bethesda's lawsuit against this game's developer

Welp. Bethesda has been criticized in the past for its legislative action, as they once sued Minecraft developer Mojang for creating a game called Scrolls, because that’s somehow similar to The Elder Scrolls. However, this time Bethesda is suing Warner Bros. for its new Westworld’s game and its striking similarity to Fallout Shelter.

Here’s the skinny: Bethesda Softworks is suing both Warner Bros. and Behaviour Interactive, filed in a suit in a Maryland U.S. District Court. They are alleging that Westworld, recently released for Android and iOS, “has the same or highly similar game design, art style, animations, features and other gameplay elements” as Fallout Shelter.

Bethesda's Fallout Shelter

According to the filed papers, Bethesda is alleging, “the same copyrighted computer code created for Fallout Shelter in Westworld,”. How they found this out, is apparently there was a bug (it’s Skyrim’s developer, jokes aside) that caused a camera issue in the early stages of Fallout Shelter before its release. The same bug is present in Westworld, in its identical state. Thus, Westworld is almost certainly using the same code. They also alleged that Westworld “copied Fallout Shelter’s features and then made cosmetic modifications for Westworld’s ‘western’ theme.”

Fallout Shelter was originally released for mobiles devices in 2015, with ports that came to Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Windows PC and Playstation 4. Here’s the interesting part: Behaviour Interactive is the developer behind the mobile Westworld release as well as Fallout Shelter. Thus, this action on Bethesda’s part is quite substantiated. However, this depends on the contract between Behaviour Interactive and Bethesda for Fallout Shelter. It obviously would be owned by Bethesda, but it seems a bit sketchy to just use code you sold to one publisher and use it for another as well.

What about you geeks? Have you tried the Westworld game? What do you think about the lawsuit? Let us know in the comments!

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