Home News Strange Things are Afoot at Cannes. ‘Bill And Ted’ Are Officially Back!

Strange Things are Afoot at Cannes. ‘Bill And Ted’ Are Officially Back!

written by Nick Allen May 12, 2018
Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves in 1989's Bill And Ted's Excellent Adventure

Most triumphant news, Bill And Ted fans! Our favorite San Dimas High School alumni are finally returning to the big screen. We haven’t seen Bill And Ted since 1991, but the rumors about the third installment of their series (now trilogy?) have been swirling for the past few years. Well, now it’s a reality. The film is entitled Bill & Ted Face the Music and is finally, officially, in pre-production!

It’s tough not to get excited about this news if you’re a fan of the original time travel buddy comedy. Actor Alex Winter (William “Bill” S. Preston, Esq.) added to the hype on Twitter.

Keanu Reeves (Theodore “Ted” Logan) will also reprise his role.

We All Need More Bill And Ted In Our Lives

Details are scarce at this point, but we know a few things. We know Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon, writers of the first two movies, also wrote Bill & Ted Face the Music. So that’s good news. Matheson’s screenwriting career post-Bill and Ted includes A Goofy Movie and Imagine That. Solomon’s credits include Men in Black, Charlie’s Angels, and Now You See Me and Now you see me 2. Dean Parisot, who directed Galaxy QuestFun with Dick and Jane, and Red 2, is set to direct. Looking at that list, I’d say there’s a lot to be optimistic about.

The movie is rumored to be one of the hottest properties for sale at Cannes this year. And, really, that makes a lot of sense. It has been over a quarter century since we last saw these two righteous dudes together. The first two movies are iconic as symbols of the late-80s and early-90s. And we know nostalgia can– and does– produce big box office dollars.

Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure saw the boys time traveling and meeting the likes of Napoleon, Socrates (pronounced So-crates, you uncultured swine), and Joan of Arc. Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey involved them literally dying, meeting the grim reaper, and trying to get back from the afterlife. According to previous reports, Bill & Ted Face the Music will involve the duo getting older and wondering if their time to change the world (as prophesized by Rufus in the original) will ever come. Besides that, we know very little. Honestly, I couldn’t even being to  speculate.

In closing… San Dimas High School football rules!

Are you beyond stoked for this historical movie? Are you continuing to surf the recent wave of 80s nostalgia all the way to the theater? Sound off in the comments!

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