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Bill Nye Saves the World! With Some Help, of Course.

written by Jude Kasekamp October 15, 2016
serious bill nye with pollution smoke in background

serious bill nye with pollution smoke in backgroundBill Nye the Science Guy taught an entire generation more about science than they learned from grade school. After his unbelievably popular show ran its course on TV, Bill has continued to be one of our great science communicators. Now, he is getting a new talk show, set to arrive on Netflix in Spring 2017.

Bill Nye Saves the World, with the help of his correspondents, whom he just announced in this video:

Emily Calandrelli is an MIT-educated engineer, known as The Space Gal. Talk about qualified! She produces and hosts Xploration Outer Space on FOX. Emily is a fantastic public speaker as well!

Joanna Hausmann is a Venezuelan comedian, who has some hilarious stand up! She is also a producer at Flama, a digital network dedicated to entertaining young Latinos. I can’t wait to see the comedic flair she will bring to the show.

Nazeem Hussain is an actor, writer, and entertainer. He created and stars in the Australian TV show Legally Brown, which presents a comedic take on being Muslim in Australia. He and I have a lot in common based on this intro video: He also uses Google for everything.

Karlie Kloss is a model, former Victoria’s Secret Angel, and paparazzi magnet. So, of course, she’s absolutely gorgeous. Does Karlie look familiar to you? She might. She’s the new face of Swarovski.

Finally, Derek Muller is a Canadian communicator of science, born in Australia. He’s done a TED Talk, has a PhD in physics education, and knows how to do a bow tie. Impressed yet? I personally enjoy watching him on Veritasium, his science education YouTube channel!

If you grew up on the classic Bill Nye the Science Guy show like I did, then you have to be as excited as I am! Yes, Bill has since made regular TV appearances, and is always on Neil Degrasse Tyson‘s StarTalk Radio. However, it’s going to be fantastic to see Bill Nye host his own show once again – further educating me, along with an entire new generation of geeks.

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