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Biomutant to Feature Over 500,000 Weapon Combinations!

written by Tyler February 20, 2018
Biomutant's creature protagonist looking up at the stunning wilderness

If I ever wanted to have the look and feel of Ratchet and Clank, with the weapon customization from Fallout 4, and also give me traditional RPG stats but don’t forget including elemental effects… well someone made something just for me! THQ Nordic has been hard at work on a new IP called Biomutant, where you control a Rocket Raccoon looking creature that is as deadly as he/she is cute. Yes, he/she. It looks like a Rare-developed platformer, but it actually is a full-fledged RPG, with character customization to boot.

This also isn’t a bland RPG that rips from other genres. THQ Nordic has made Biomutant very unique in many aspects. In the trailer below you’ll see running on water, riding a mechanical hand, piloting a giant mech, flying up huge anchors and more. We also see many different environments, from the jungle to snowy and underwater surroundings.

Although the combat is reminiscent of some Japanese-made games (flying up, mid-air melee combat, etc), another trailer from the developer shows Biomutant has an extremely rich and diverse weapon-crafting system. Now, before you moan and groan over another crafting system shoe-horned into where it may not belong, this is weapon-crafting at its finest. Find bits and junk, and put them together to make big shooty-shoots and super pew-pews in various forms. From frosty one-handed monstrosities and incendiary types to dual-wielding bio-contaminated daggers, the possibilities are endless. The developer claims at a point in development they calculated how many combinations of combining bits and pieces that you come across in the world, and the number he said was 550,000. Yep.

a showing of Biomutant's weapon customization

Just looking at combat and weapon customization gets me excited, but I haven’t even gone into exploration mechanics. There are jetpacks, grappling hooks, wings, and of course, a bionic bow and arrow. I mean, every game must have bows. THQ Nordic has also stated there are also cold and heat mechanics, where you have to craft certain gear to traverse specific zones. Seems a bit Breath of the Wild like, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing either. I can’t overstate how refreshing it is to see a new IP in the RPG genre, and from an established studio no less. If you want to learn more, check out their site and stay tuned for their release on Xbox One, PS4, and PC sometime this year.

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