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Black Friday 2014 mega round up!

written by Chad "LoganDX" G. November 22, 2014
Image of Black Friday shoppers


Image of Black Friday shoppers

It’s on!

Here we are, just a week before Thanksgiving and the biggest shopping day(s) of the year. I’m sure you’re overwhelmed at the vast offerings this year so we’re here to help you through the process.

The big deal this year seems to be either the Xbox One or PlayStation 4. Most stores have the Assassin’s Creed Xbox One bundle, which includes not only Assassin’s Creed Unity and Black Flag, for $329.99. The flip side of that is the PS4 with a copy of Last of Us Remastered and Grand Theft Auto V for $399. Not too shabby seeing as how the PS4 retails for $399 alone.

Best Buy has a nice helping of doorbuster deals including a 50″ LED Panasonic TV for $199, a 55″ LED 4K Ultra HD TV for $899, X-Men: Days of Future Past Blu ray for $9.99, a Dell laptop with an i3 processor for $299, $30 off select video games, a $49 Sony WiFi Blu ray player, a 11.6″ Macbook Air for $779, and a Windows 8 tablet for $149. Some of the game standouts include Shadow of Mordor for the Xbox One and PS4 for $24.99, The Evil Within for $19.99 and Sly Cooper for PS3 for $7.99. 8 bucks for Sly? No brainer! Best Buy has a nice selection of games on sale for happy time discounts but some like Destiny for last gen systems at $44.99 could have been better.

Kmart, which I now have none around me, isn’t exactly knocking it out the park with their geeky deals for Black Friday. They have a decent collection of DVDs for anywhere between $3.99 to $14.99. They do have Titanfall for the Xbox One for $19.99 and Xbox 360 for $14.99 though. Other game highlights include Dead Rising 3 for Xbox One for $29.99 and a Xbox Live 3 month Card for 14.99. Mostly though it’s MSRP games with $10 to $40 back in points. Some games like Destiny will be on sale but the ad is being less than cooperative with pricing.

Gamestop is another stop on the Black Friday train. The gaming store is knocking $30 off certain Xbox One games like Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition and The Evil Within. They shaved $20 off more Xbox One games like Madden 15, Forza 5 and Dead Rising 3 Apocalypse Edition. Shoppers can get $50 of Xbox cash for $45 which is nice. Xbox 360 buyers can grab a small group of games for $20-30 off including Diablo 3 Ultimate Evil Edition at $19.99, Call of Duty: Ghosts for $16.99 and WWE 2K15 for $39.99. The hella fun Saints Row IV will be $14.99. Note most of these also cover the PS3 versions at the same price. Still don’t have an Xbox 360 or need a new one? Then you could swoop one up at Gamestop for $199.99 and it includes Black Ops 2 and Ghosts. PS4 exclusive games Infamous Second Son, Killzone Shadow Fall and Knack will be $21.99. Looking for a new PS3? They have a 500GB version with Lego Batman 3 and the Sly collection for $269.99.

My Microsoft loving geeks will find a tasty selection of cheap goodies on the Microsoft store. A Nokia Lumia 635 off contract will be a measly $39. The Surface Pro 3 can be had for up to $150 off and the Surface 2 can get the same discount. The Acer Aspire 2 in 1 will be down to $299 and a Dell Inspirion 15 will go for $399. Xbox One games are going to run the range from $24.99 to $39.99 and include such recent hits as Shadow of Mordor, Diablo 3 Ultimate Evil Edition and Watch Dogs. Last gen lovers of the Xbox 360 can get games for a mere $4.99 like Ghosts.

Target really wants those deal crazed shoppers with their prices. Sure you can go anywhere and buy that sweet Assassin’s Creed Xbox One bundle for $329.99 but Target is throwing in a $50 gift card with purchase. Nice! Looking for a cheap 40″ TV? You can pick up a Samsung Smart LED for $327.99 or you can go big and snatch up a 60″ for $797.99. Want to get your stream on? The Google Chromecast is a cheap as hell $24.99. Those looking for a new Blu ray player can pick one up for $49.99 and it’s even a Sony Wifi player. Want a cheap tablet for the kiddos? You can snag a RCA for just $69.99. Need an iPad Air or Mini? They’re gonna range from $299 to $399 with a $100 gift card. Games will be as low as $15 like Black Flag, Battlefield 4 and Ghosts. There will be pockets of games for $25-35 and some will just be 50% off. Titles will vary but expect the selections to number in the hundreds. Do you collect Disney Infinity(Yes!) or Skylanders? Individual figures will be $10 which is a steal. Blu rays and DVDs will be as low as $4 and includes titles such as Django Unchained, American Hustle and Gravity. $6 titles will have in their midst Edge of Tomorrow, Divergent and the Wolf of Wall Street. TV shows will be $10 and will include Arrow, Supernatural and Mad Men (selected seasons only). There’s even a small sampling of $1 DVDs and will be some pretty old titles.

Bringing up the rear is old Wal-Mart. While there won’t be any $90 PS4s there will the usual suspects. The aforementioned video game bundles will be in full force. Wally World however has a unique Xbox One bundle which includes the Halo: Master Chief Collection for a low $329 with a $30 gift card. On the prowl for a 65″ Vizio? Grab one there for $648. 50% off Xbox Live Gold 3 months cards are up for grabs as well as a Wal-Mart.com only bundle of an Xbox One, choice of game and 12 month Gold card for only $379. Need a PS4 bundle but hate to hit up the stores? Wal-Mart.com has GTA V PS4 with choice of 2 games for a low $449. We’ve beat the games to death by now but Wal-Mart has a few standouts in their ad. $25 will nab one the just released Assassin’s Creed Rogue or GTA V on Xbox 360. Disney Infinity 2.0 Starter Packs will be the lowest at $37 and I have to say what a bargain. Disney Infinity characters and Skylanders will be a full buck cheaper than Target at $9. Diable 3 UEE will be $20 and so will the Last of Us. For a sweet $149, handheld gamers can grab a special 3DS XL bundle featuring Super Mario Bros 2 Gold. Where the home of ill-dressed shoppers really shines will be their DVD and Blu rays. DVDs can be bought for a minor $1.96 to $3.96. Blus? $3.96 to $6.96. There’s over 600 titles to choose from so anybody should be able to find something. More recent Blus can be purchased for as low as $7.96 to $9.96. TV seasons will be $9.96 and unlike the others, there will be a heavier selection to choose from. Want to watch Guardians of the Galaxy? Yeah me too. Thanks to Vudu.com, you can purchase the digital version of GotG for $9.96.

I’d love to tell you what Amazon has up their sleeves for Black Friday but I can’t. They keep their stuff closer to the chest unlike the brick and mortar stores. If we find some good deals, I’ll update this post and let you geeks know. Personally I’m hoping they match a few deals, I don’t feel like braving the crowds this year for a couple of games and a movie or two.

So what say you geeks? Anything catch your eyes? Plan on jumping into the throngs of maniacal deal crazed shoppers? Maybe some of you plan on waiting for Cyber Monday? Let me know in those comments.

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