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Black Lightning CW TV Series Has a Lead!

written by Jude Kasekamp February 26, 2017
Cress Williams, star of Black Lightning

The CW’s roster of dynamic actors in DC shows is growing! Black Lightning is set to join ArrowThe FlashSupergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow. We are happy to report that Cress Williams has now been announced as the eponymous hero.

Cress Williams, star of Black Lightning

Williams is no stranger to the CW. In fact, the 46-year-old actor played Lavon Hayes in the series Hart of Dixie. He portrayed a former NFL linebacker in the show, which ran for four seasons from 2011 to 2015.

Black Lightning is a much-loved hero in DC comic books. The character, whose real name is Jefferson Pierce, was one of the company’s earliest African American superheroes. In a 2007 interview, Tony Isabella shared what led to the creation of his favourite character:

The short version is that I’d been working toward creating a new black super-hero who would be an iconic role model. The other characters I’d written along the way were stepping stones to Black Lightning. I created Jefferson Pierce to be a reluctant warrior, a man of many extraordinary talents who would hear the call of his community and respond to it, even at great cost to his personal happiness. When DC Comics planned to publish a black hero who was actually a white racist, I talked them into dumping that character and going with my creation instead.

The show was initially meant for Fox, but is now joining the ranks of CW’s other successful comic book shows. Jefferson Pierce is a retired superhero, who dons his suit and alter-ego once more. I expect the same dark, edgy tone of Arrow and company, with enough drama and action to appeal to comic book fans and casuals alike.

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So, will you be eagerly awaiting the debut of Cress WIlliams as Black Lightning? Are you able to keep up with the CW’s suite of offerings at this time? There’s a lot to love, and it’s great to see more comic book favourites on TV!

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