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Black Mirror Dating App Becomes Very Real for Valentine’s Day

written by Jordan Cobb February 14, 2018
Black Mirror - Hang the DJ

Dating apps are pretty great, I’m signed up for a couple myself. Even if love doesn’t click, you still get to meet interesting and brand new people. It’s an exciting time to be alive! Well, there is one new app out there and it comes to us from the wonderful world of Netflix! Yes, I’m serious.

Since today is the day of love, Valentine’s Day, Netflix has actually made a working version of the Coach app from the “Hang the DJ” episode of the recent fourth season of sci-fi anthology show, Black Mirror. So what you may ask, well what makes Coach stand out is that it tells you when exactly you’re gonna be single again. It is indeed a countdown clock to the expiration date of your current relationship.

Coach is used by sharing a link with your partner and from there you’ll both be asked to click on its interface where it will be revealed how long exactly your current relationship is going to last. Years, months, days, hell, could be minutes from now. I’d try it myself but, can’t for… reasons.

The Coach website also lets you download a .jpg of your results and I guess from there on share your results on social media. Could be a fun prank, though I wouldn’t exactly hand your partner those roses right after you do. Or you could try again and get a more optimistic result. Dealer’s choice.

The app is a brilliant idea that plays perfectly into the mission statement of the show itself. Technology does so much for us, but can it tell us when we’re out of love? Only one way to find out!

You can go to the Coach website, here!

What do you think of this? Cool? Not cool? What’s your favorite Black Mirror episode? Let us know in the comments below!

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