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Black Mirror Season 4 New Teaser Trailers With No Release Date

written by Suzanna Sponaugle November 30, 2017
Black Mirror title screen The Future is Bright
The sci-fi anthology series Black Mirror has released 3 trailers for a new episode in Season 4.

Black Mirror is kinda known for not sharing its season releases way ahead of time. The anticipation adds to the excitement of the show. There’s a lack of consistency with the past season releases as well also making it hard to pin down an exact time. However, the continuous stream of teaser trailers has to mean it’s coming soon.

The teaser for the whole season is here. Check it out.

Black Mirror is a darkly satirical themed show that centers around a technologically advanced world set in the near future. The anthology consists of different plots and actors for every episode, displaying the way people interact with each other and with their technology in this disturbing and often horrific world. It is directed by Charlie Brooker and executive produced by Annabel Jones, both serving as show-runners for the Netflix British series.

Arkangel, Crocodile, and Black Museum are the three episodes of the new season that have been teased further.

There will be six episodes in this upcoming season: Crocodile, Arkangel, Hang the DJ, USS Callister, Metal Head, and Black Museum. And they all promise to be just as twisted as the previous chapters. Annabel Jones had this to say about season 4:

 “I think all the new episodes in the fourth season all feel very different – there are things we’ve not yet explored and genres we haven’t tackled.”

Charlie Brooker and Black Mirror’s twitter have remained suspiciously silent, but fans are still getting excited. So, be patient everyone; it has to happen soon. Meanwhile, just binge watch the past seasons again. No one will judge you if it’s the sixth time you’ve seen them.

But how do you feel about Black Mirror’s return? Never seen it? Fix that immediately. And drop your thoughts in the comments.

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