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Black Ops 3 Collectors Edition and Zombies Debut

written by Dustin S July 10, 2015


It’s a new year, which means a new Call of Duty. Now on a three-year cycle using all 3 of Activision’s Call of Duty developers; being Infinity Ward, Treyarch, and Sledgehammer Games, Treyarch is up with their third foray into the Black Ops universe with Black Ops III. That’s “3” for the kids who aren’t into roman numerals.

Each year we get some over-the-top collectors edition that seems outrageously priced for the gimmick of a remote-controlled car, a flying remote-controlled drone, or a care package. This year that kinda-sorta changes. It just really depends on how you value a mini-fridge and a figurative ton of extras. This years CE was announced along with the debut trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Zombies mode, which you can watch in its glory below.

Zombies this year will star Ron Perlman, Heather Graham, Jeff Goldblum, Neal McDonough, and Robert Picardo. The game is set to expand upon the time players spent in Mob of the Dead with each character having something they have done in the past and looking for redemption. Plus, a neat looking gumball machine that grants super powers! Let’s just hope that our favorite beverage, Juggernog, returns!

But onto that Collectors Edition!


This years CE, as I stated above, includes a magnificent looking mini-fridge. It is set to hold up to 12 12 oz. cans of your favorite gaming beverage, so I’d say a bit smaller than the average, but that’s not the kick. The collector part of this mini-fridge is that is shaped and functions in ways like the Juggernog machine from previous Zombies renditions. It lights up and supposedly makes unique sounds as the machine in the games did. Also included are unique Perk-A-Cola coasters that come with a special holding tin, to put your favorite beverage on to avoid those nasty drink rings on your, I’m sure it’s lovely, end table or coffee table or whatever table you will be beside while gaming. Aside from those also included is a pretty sweet looking steel book for holding your precious blu-ray disc, as well as some limited edition cards featuring art from the game.

There is also a slew of digital items in the CoD:BO3 CE, what a long acronym. Purchasers will be treated to the Season Pass guaranteeing them access to each of the, if we go based on history of the CoD Season Pass, 4 DLC packs planned for Black Ops 3, a bonus Zombies map entitle “The Giant,” 3 personalization packs to customize your multiplayer experience, and rounding it out a download of the game’s soundtrack.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 launches Friday, November 6th this fall.

Now excuse me, I’m going to pre-order a mini-fridge.

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