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A Black And White Version Of Logan Will Hit Theatres Very Soon

written by Gareth Holton April 29, 2017
black and white logan

Black and white

James Mangold sure knows how to keep pleasing Logan fans.  Not only did we get the R rated version of the movie we were promised, but the director just announced he’s adding another layer to an already near perfect comic book flick.

He let his fans know via Twitter what he had up his sleeve.

While one night isn’t exactly a huge run, it does give those hardcore fans a chance to see it again on the big screen with a brand new hue.  No word yet if this is going to be exclusive to the U.S. but an international release seems rather unlikely.

This hasn’t been a last-minute decision by Mangold, in fact it’s been in developement for some time now and it’s not as simple as changing a filter on your Instagram photo.  Fans will also be happy to know that it will be included on the upcoming digital and Blu Ray releases of the movie.  Some Twitter users have already tried to find a cheeky loop-hole.

Mad Max: Fury Road director George Miller included a ‘Black and Chrome’ edition on a home video release and it looks sublime.  The idea came in post production on the original Mad Max movies.

“Way back, when the score for Mad Max 2 was being recorded, the orchestra would play to a high contrast black-and-white slash dupe.  This was sacrificial print and a lot cheaper than a coloured version. I was struck by how much more ‘iconic’ the images felt – more elemental, abstract and ‘authentic’. Ever since I wanted to see a Mad Max movie in black and white.”

bearded logan

There’s still no official date for the home release of Logan but you can put money on it being the weeks following this one night of black and white beauty.  Head over to Amazon to preorder your copy today via this handy link.

Will you fork out for another ticket to see it on the big screen or will you wait for the digital release? Let us know in the comments!

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