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Blade: The Tortoise on Wheels

written by April Carvelli December 15, 2014

tortoise on wheels

An unusual thing happened in Germany, a tortoise named Blade got a wheelchair made out of Legos.

When Iris Peste noticed that her pet tortoise had problems moving she took him to his vet. He was diagnosed with a metabolic bone disorder that made his limbs weak and unable to carry the weight of his shell.

After a careful examination Dr. Carsten Plischke concluded that Blade will recover, but in the meantime he needed mobility and a way to build his strength back. The ingenious doctor built him a wheelchair using pieces of his sons Legos. Providing the tortoise with mobility and exercise.

“For people there are walkers, rollators or prostheses but for animals there are no companies that produce something like that,” Dr. Plischke says. “The size variation of animals means they can’t establish uniform products. So you have to come up with creative solutions; every animal needs its own treatment.”

tortoise on wheels 1

Blade is one lucky tortoise to have Dr. Plischke as his vet.

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