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Blink-182 is back!

written by Mandi "Mandini" R. April 28, 2016
blink-182 single Bored to Death

Blink 182 with Matt Skiba

This is not a drill pop punk music lovers across the world, Blink-182 is back! This will be the band’s first album without Tom DeLonge, the former guitarist and co-vocalist of Blink-182, who left the band early last year. It was announced last Fall that Alkaline Trio front man, Matt Skiba, would be joining Blink-182 to create a new album.

The album titled California will be available on July 1st and is currently available for pre-order on their website. A song from the album was leaked, so the band decided to release an official version of “Bored to Death” with a lyric video Wednesday. With over 400,000 views in just one day, it’s safe to assume people are pretty excited for a new album. It’s been almost five years since their last album, Neighborhoods, was released.

blink-182 single Bored to Death

The band also announced a US tour that will start on July 22nd and feature A Day to Remember, All American Rejects and All Time Low as openers on different dates throughout the tour, which goes until October 1st. The tour kicks off in San Diego, CA.

Blink-182 California Tour Dates

Alkaline Trio is probably my all time favorite band, and I grew listening to all of Blink-182’s albums on repeat, so this has me pretty stoked. The sound is very iconic Blink, but with a touch of darkness and depth from Matt Skiba. It still holds that classic and fun Blink-182 sound that brings you back to Nostalgia City with all of those teenage feels, but having Skiba’s vocals added into the mix really gives it a more grown up feel in my opinion. Take a listen for yourself, and let me know what you think! In the meantime, I’ll be playing this song on repeat and pretending I’m seventeen again. I can’t see any Blink-182 fans not rejoicing over this beauty.

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