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Bluetooth Foldable Selfie Stick from Gnome Workshop Sponsored Review

written by Shane "Geek" Lundberg September 30, 2015


In the day and age of selfies, selfie sticks are starting to pop up everywhere. No matter how you truly feel about them they can come in handy here and there. I have said in past reviews that I was not a fan until I started carrying one around and making myself use it. We have done some reviews with Gnome Workshop in the past and I have to say I have been very happy with everything that has come through including their new foldable Bluetooth selfie stick.


Through my review I have noticed great battery life as we are pulling multiple days out of the stick for all of the tons of photos. The stick does have Bluetooth control so no cables you have to worry about hanging down getting in your pics. Quality is solid. We received the black and green so of course it was amazing colors. The stick feels sturdy like it could last awhile. The clasp at the top for the phone fit my iPhone 6 and my Note 4 with no issues. Check out some of the stats below.

  • Bluetooth – Simply pair your phone or camera with the Gnome Selfie Stick and enjoy. No messy wires to plug-in.
  • Compatibility – Compatible with most smartphones and cameras, as long as they are bluetooth capable.
  • Foldable – Our foldable design allows you to fold the Gnome Selfie Stick and easily carry it in your pocket or bag!
  • Built in Shutter Button – The built-in shutter button allows you to easily take the perfect picture without any extra shutter remotes.
  • Warranty – Includes a 1 year hassle free warranty!

For only $15.99 price comes in quite a bit lower than most Bluetooth headsets that I have seen. If you are in the market for one this could be a great option for you. Hit the Amazon link below and grab yours now!

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