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Boss Monster 2: The Next Level Review

written by Sarah Awbrey Johnson January 18, 2017
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Have you ever been playing a video game and thought ‘I like this villain way more than the hero’? Let Boss Monster help you fulfill your villain-thropic fantasy! In this retro inspired indie card game you play as one of twelve Bosses, whose goal is to build a dungeon to kill the most Heroes. Cast Spells and use special Room abilities to trip up other Bosses, and when the time comes use your special Level Up ability to shake things up. Get the souls of ten heroes to win the game, but be careful Heroes can pack a punch! If a Hero survives your dungeon you get wounded and have to subtract one soul from your stash. Be the Boss to beat with the most souls and the least wounds to finally let the villain have a victory. If you’re not familiar with Boss Monster, check out the official game page for rules and more details.

Boss Monster 2 Game box

Can’t get enough of Boss Monster? The creators at Brotherwise games have you covered with Boss Monster 2: The Next Level. New Bosses, even more dangerous Rooms, and zany parodies of characters in geek history await you! The second game is standalone with new cards that can be ramped up with the Boss Monster expansion pack. Below are some highlights of changes in mechanics from the original game.


In Boss Monster 2 you get the chance to fight twelve new bosses! They are all pictured below and have interesting new Level Up bonuses, some now stay effective for entire game. My favorite boss is “Smoake” the Dwarfbane, a parody of LOTR’s Smaug. At 625 XP he isn’t the strongest boss of the batch, but he has a great Level Up effect. It lets you draw a Room card whenever you build a Monster Room for the rest of the game. This perk lasting through the rest of the game lets you take better advantage of the effect, and wield it against your enemy Bosses and Heroes!

bosses from boss monsterBoss Monster boss Smoake


Creative as ever, Brotherwise has been sure to thinly veil references to your favorite video games, deck builders, and even moments in pop culture into the new Room deck. Pokémon, Mario, Magic the Gathering, Tetris, and even Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball video are all yours to exploit as you build your dungeon. My favorite is the Pac-Man reference in “Haunted Hall” with Blinky, Inky, and Pinky. When destroyed the card even sends a Hero in the Room back to town, sound familiar to anyone? Boss Monster is a great geek party game and the references will leave your friends in stitches! Beyond the parody, the new Room deck is much more cohesive. Cards of the same type can draw power from each other, and Rooms can be destroyed for various effects like the one below. A stronger and smarter dungeon is yours for the building with this new deck.

Boss Monster Room card


Spell cards are handy when you’re about to get wounded or just want to trip up an opponent. My favorite Spell card from the new deck is “Super Effective!” which provides a great Pokémon reference and hilarious art while wielding two different effects! These conditional bonuses help give you the best advantage for your current situation in-game. When only one Hero enters your dungeon, having a Room deal extra two damage until the end of turn doesn’t help much. The four extra damage is far more useful. If only one Hero is entering your dungeon, you best be sure he doesn’t make it out alive and chain spells until end of turn will do you no good. Spell cards like this one helps players better utilize spells during gameplay because of their range of effects.

Spell card Boss Monster 2


An all-new batch of Heroes arrives in town, out for blood and glory for defeating you. The normal Hero cards are new, however besides flavor text little changes in their game play application. Some of the Epic Heroes on the other hand must have fallen into some vats of toxic waste. These super freaks, like the Necromancer below, have more than one type of treasure in the top right corner. The two treasure symbols mean you combine the two treasure types, and whoever has the most overall baits the hero. This changes gameplay drastically. My opponents and I were scratching our heads game after game trying to figure out how best to balance treasure types to win with this new hero type. Having a varied base of treasure types is very important to the late game of Boss Monster 2, without it you will never bait these hybrid heroes.

Epic Hero Card Boss Monster


Overall, Boss Monster 2 is a fantastic game. Whether you’re playing multiplayer or duking it out in a one on one battle, the combinations of Spells and Room effects keep gameplay interesting. Brotherwise Games focused on overcoming some of the bugs in the original game, and have offered up an even more exciting and playable sequel. Level Up bonuses used to be flash effects saved for just the right moment in the original game. Now they play a strong support role for your Boss and dungeon. Most Spells were useful in only some situations in the original game, which lead to a pile up of spell cards in your hard. Now Spells have multiple effects that can benefit you no matter what position a turn leaves you in.

I have played many a board, card, and deck building game over the years. Boss Monster stands out because it is so creative and unique. Gameplay is both entertaining and also unique among other card games and deck builders. Developers used satire and parody of your favorite geeky games and movies for an entertaining twist. But they also created their own hilarious Bosses, Rooms, and 2-bit art. The sequel is even better than the original game because time was spent to improve mechanics, expand gameplay, and create new original and parody content. This game is a new favorite of mine and I would encourage anyone and everyone to try it out. You will love Boss Monster 2.

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