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Boston Dynamics’ Latest Robot Can Jump 4 Feet High, Lift 100 Pounds, and Give You Nightmares (VIDEO)

written by Michael Haase March 5, 2017
Two-wheeled robot carrying small crate

Meet Handle, the first prototype of our robot overlords

Boston Dynamics has revealed their latest nightmare creation, a robot with the innocent name “Handle.” The robot’s name comes from the fact that it can carry heavy objects. That sounds nice, right?

But then they had to go and make it jump. I know that sounds innocent, too. But once you see this thing leap 4 feet up in the air, you will wonder if what you are seeing is real. Handle can also roll up to 9 mph and travel up to 15 miles on a single battery charge. Because of the wheels and the advanced stabilization technology, Handle can also travel on slippery terrain, such as snow.

Yes, this all sounds cool, because it is. It is amazing and incredible, actually. But the fact that this thing could run a half marathon at an impressive pace, jump over a small child while holding another, and stands at 6.5 feet tall makes it a little unnerving to see in action.

Take a look for yourself:

Boston Dynamics designs the latest in nightmare technology

The Alphabet-owned robotics company has been producing amazing robots for years, and they are all based upon humans and other animals. Their robots can balance themselves, carry heavy objects, climb walls, and behave like angry charging bulls. The robotics they have been developing are beyond incredible. Just drop by their YouTube channel to see more in action.

I read too much dystopian science fiction to feel unafraid. Just give these things artificial intelligence, and that’s it for the human race. It was nice knowing everyone.

Boston Dynamics robots that look like people and animals

Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe these robots will bring about a new, peaceful renaissance. Perhaps this is the beginning of a better age for the planet. Handle might use its jumping powers not for attacking people, but for jumping for joy after getting out from school for summer break, as it looks like in this picture:

Wheeled robot jumping high in the air

Either way, consider yourselves warned…

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