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UPDATE: I’m Definitely Not Angry at This Brand New ‘Rage 2’ Trailer!

written by Tyler May 14, 2018
Rage 2 girl from the trailer


As promised, Bethesda has released the new gameplay trailer for Rage 2! Check it out below!

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It has started! Here come some of the Pre-E3 reveals ahead of the big event next month. One of the first up is Rage 2! Bethesda’s official Rage Twitter account announced yesterday (possible poking fun at the Walmart leak) that a trailer is incoming:

In addition, Bethesda’s site indicates it’s in development with Avalanche Studios, known for the Just Cause series and the 2015 Mad Max, so there’s some serious talent coming in behind Rage 2. Now, while the trailer doesn’t feature any gameplay it definitely stands out. With live-action cuts of dudes and gals in Mad Max-style garb contrasted against purple and yellow neon spray paint, it looks to be taking quite a ‘Watch_Dogs was too series so let’s get silly for the sequel’ -approach.  I swear I saw some armor I crafted in Skyrim in the video. Maybe.

From the Bethesda.net website:

Dive headfirst into a dystopian world devoid of society, law, and order. RAGE 2 brings together a true open world FPS experience where you can go anywhere, shoot anything, and explode everything.

One thing’s for sure, it still appears to have certain weapons they’re bringing back, as well as the overall depiction of a post-apocalyptic theme. I do like the sillier take (although the original Rage wasn’t a stone cold-serious snooze-fest), and I anticipate some kind of Borderlands vibe without the pseudo-cell-shaded look. Which, apparently according to that Walmart leak, we may actually be getting a new Borderlands soon. Rage originally appeared in 2010, with a DLC a couple years later, so we’re looking at quite a lengthy time between releases.

As the ESRB rating and release date are forthcoming, Bethesda is stating the full reveal (hopefully with gameplay) will be announced Tuesday, May 15, so we’ll update this article with the new information once all is revealed. Stay tuned!

What about you geeks? Excited for Rage 2? Let us know in the comments!

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