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Let’s Break Down That Amazing Teaser For The Last Jedi

written by Gareth Holton April 17, 2017

Well that was one hell of a teaser.

If you’re as big a Star Wars fan as I am then you’re already in double figures for view counts.  There sure were some fantastic moments too so let’s dive right in to the best bits!

“Breathe…just breathe.  Now reach out.  What do you see?”

We fade in on what initially looks like a star cluster but turns out to be the rocks on Ahch To.  An exhausted Rey falls into view.  This first shot cleverly mirrors the way we were introduced to Finn on Jakku in The Force Awakens’ first teaser.  Seemingly Rey’s training begins almost immediately after her arrival. Or maybe there’s something more sinister at work here.  Luke wouldn’t force choke her surely?

The Force is strong with this one.  Rey goes all Man of Steel on us and has clearly had success at honing her skills.


As we hear Leia‘s message to Obi Wan from A New Hope in the background, we get our one and only look at our beloved General.  It looks like the same map the resistance used to find Luke but, again, it could be anything.  A map leading to Crait perhaps? More on that shortly.  We also hear Rey answer Luke.

“Light…..darkness…..and balance.”

Well that won’t buff out will it?  Kylo Ren’s helmet bites the dust.  Here’s hoping he gets a Kylo/Vader hybrid for The Last Jedi!  The background suggests this could be happening on a First Order Starship.

Through a crack in a cave, a sun shines light on what one might assume is THE JOURNAL OF THE WHILLS!!!!

George Lucas wrote the Journal of the Whills into the early drafts of Star Wars.  They were ultimately written out but eventually mentioned in novelizations of The Force Awakens and Aftermath: Empires End. The Journal of the Whills was a journal that referenced the Jedi. A verse within the journal labeled 7:477 contained a poem concerning the dark side and the light side of The Force.

First comes the day
Then comes the night.
After the darkness
Shines through the light.
The difference, they say,
Is only made right
By the resolving of gray
Through refined Jedi sight.

Now what did Rey say she saw?  Darkness, light and balance.  It has been rumoured that Luke has decided to walk the line between the light and dark side of the force and become a Gray Jedi.  Could be a game changer!

Thanks to Rian Johnson, we now know this is on a mineral planet called Crait and it will play an important role in the movie.  This rapid response team is heading towards a group of First Order walkers.  Why they are skimming the surface for red dirt remains to be seen.

Finn was left with some pretty bad injuries after his scuffle with Kylo Ren and it seems his road to recovery take a little longer.  We know he’ll be going undercover for the resistance so expect to see him back up on his feet before the first hour of the movie is over.

In what seems to be a First Order attack on a resistance base, Poe and BB-8 are left without a transport as their X-Wing is destroyed.  Better find another ride!  Nice to see them back together again.

Towards the end we finally get to see the Falcon in action and taking out TIE Fighters.  I’ll wager the First Order discover Luke’s whereabouts and this is the resulting chase.  Let’s hope this is Luke’s express ride to a brother sister reunion!

Two sweeping shots of Rey and Kylo. They’ve set it up to look like she’s running at him but the lighting tells us it’s two separate scenes.  It’s worth noting Kylo Ren fixed his crossguard lightsaber after Rey left her mark on it in Force Awakens.  And speaking of leaving her mark, you wanna know how he got that scar?…

Now this is interesting!  Remember Luke’s hand on R2 in The Force Awakens during Rey’s vision? Looks awfully similar doesn’t it? This points towards a potential flashback, a first for the Star Wars saga.  We may see just how ruthless Kylo Ren was during his Jedi training.  Luke falls to his knees in apparent shock.

This teaser sure is cramming in every character they can (*Cough* Chewie *cough*)!  Cap’n Phasma’s turn here with her trusty stormtroopers at her side.  This could also be from the First Order attack that Poe and Co. are involved in earlier in the trailer.

As we reach the climax to this trailer, John Williams’ new score just smacks you the face during a good ol’ space battle.  It sounds incredible.  I already can’t wait to own the score.  These ships caught in the crossfire are reminiscent of the classic B-Wing fighters from the original trilogy.  Looks like they’ve had a beefy upgrade!

And then Luke offers up some heartbreaking news…

“I only know one truth.  It’s time for the Jedi to end”

He looks so broken.  It’s chilling.

This teaser ticked so many boxes.  There’s no sign of the Force Awakens’ hopefulness.  We’re going darker here, that much is evident.  The stakes seem to be at an all time high and I just cannot wait.  Now all we have to do is wait until at least August for the next full length trailer.

*Looks at watch*………

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