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Breaking Bad Director Michelle MacLaren, Directing Wonder Woman Movie!

written by Manny Popoca AKA: MannysPlace November 25, 2014
Wonder Woman Movie

Wonder Woman Movie



Michelle MacLaren has signed on to develop, script and direct the upcoming Wonder Woman film. MacLaren is best known for her work as an executive producer and director on Breaking Bad. She has been nominated for numerous Emmy awards for her directing and won two Emmy’s as executive producer of Breaking Bad.

Michelle MacLaren is best known for her directing in almost every popular mainstream TV show that can be imagined. Ranging from X-Files, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad and the yet to air Better Call Saul….Michelle is pretty much a one woman army of pop culture coolness!!


Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman

Will MacLaren be up to the monumental task that will be Wonder Woman the movie? Michelle’s only other studio movie was “Population 436” which starred “Limp Bizkit’s” frontman Fred Durst. The Wonder Woman movie will be a HUGE undertaking that I am quite sure MacLaren will be duly up to the challenge. She seems to know what audiences like and her credentials speak very highly of her work. We will have to wait and see how it all turns out in the end. It sounds like MIchelle¬†wants to completely spearhead this project and that kind of ¬†passion only makes me want her to do very well with this movie and hopefully franchise!


Wonder Woman the movie staring Gal Gadot is set for a 2017 release date



Gal Gadot – Wonder Woman

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