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Breaking! Disney Infinity is no more as of June.

written by Chad "LoganDX" G. May 10, 2016

This depresses me to even write but Disney is shuttering their Infinity games as of June.

Disney took a hard stance against their video games department, canceling the popular Disney Infinity line of Toys to Life games. In June, there will be no more cute little toys to collect and play games with. On top of that, the mouse house is closing down Avalanche Studios, the studio behind Infinity. This effectively tightens the noose around Disney’s video game endeavors.

It's Infinity toys

What prompted this? Probably too many toys and not enough disposable income. Between them, Activision’s monster hit Skylander’s and recent upstart Lego, there had to be a saturation point for the average consumer. I saw several Infinity 2.0 figures on clearance shortly after the 3.0 Star Wars update. As fun as they are for collectors, parents might have gotten tired of spending buckets of cash. Disney took a large financial hit in their earnings and by doing this, they also take a charge of $147,000,000.

It’s sad as I love the Infinity line, especially once they branched out with Marvel and Star Wars. It’s a shame to see them go but I’ll remember all the fun I had. Now the figures will just look good on my shelves.

What say you geeks? Saddened by the news? Meh? Let me know, we can drown our sorrows together.

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