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Agents Of SHIELD’s Brett Dalton interested in DC Comics role

written by Alex Lopez July 16, 2017

Agents of SHIELD star Brett Dalton may be looking to jump ship. The star of the Marvel TV series answered if he would ever take a DC comics role. His character of choice: Lobo.

“That could be really dark and really twisted and super graphic” said Dalton. “It’d have to be on Netflix, or maybe even an animated thing because you can get away with a lot of gore”. Dalton plays Grant Ward, the SHIELD double agent in the TV show. Viewers know based on his portrayal that Dalton can be both good and bad guy. However, DC and Lobo fans know that the character is more than that. Of course, it also depends on which Lobo you are bringing to life.

The original Lobo debuted in 1983 as a parody of the dark characters of Marvel at the time. Lobo comes from the planet Czarnia and is a space bounty hunter. The Main Man developed a cult following and has many die-hard fans. However, during DC’s New 52 reboot, another Lobo emerged. The slimmed down version of Lobo claimed to be the real Lobo, but without the charm. Fans made their disdain heard and DC listened. The New 52 Lobo turns out to be an imposter and the real Lobo came back to the comics. However, the New 52 Lobo is still out there. So the question is, which version would Dalton play if it happens?

Of course, Dalton’s number one priority is to Agents of SHIELD. “If they ever wanted to give me a call…automatic yes”. Dalton seems to have a fondness for Ward as well. “I really like Grant Ward’. “It’s the perfect combination of the creators and the writer and whatever I brought to it.” Those of us who enjoy Dalton’s performance of Grant Ward can only hope that he gets that call. As far as Lobo goes, many fans want to see a version show up. Whether big screen or small, fans can’t help but want to see The Main Man shine on his own. But DC, it’s for the best to stick with the original.

Sound off, geeks! Would you like to see Brett Dalton star as Lobo? Do you have someone else in mind? Let us know in the comments.

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