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Bring on the Interstellar Battle…with Propel’s Star Wars Battle Drones! REVIEW

written by Shane "Geek" Lundberg December 15, 2016

This post brought to you by Propel Star Wars Battle Drones. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Don’t Hate The Geek.

The world has gone Star Wars crazy….and I am ok with it. With Rogue One launching in a few days (at time of writing) we all wish were zooming across space with a super tall fuzzy friend. Well, good news nerds. Propel has brought us one step closer to that dream. Propel has teamed up with licensing from Disney to bring what I think is the greatest thing to hit the drone world EVER…Star Wars Battle Drones!!! I have been lucky enough to fly quite a few drones, and sure each one has its own specialties, but when it comes to aesthetics none of them gave me an experience like this did; it’s the coolest toy ever! I’d probably go for something like the DJI Mavic Pro if I needed to use a drone professionally for things like photography projects, as it’s more technically impressive, but this one tops the charts when it comes to good old fashioned fun.

At $199.99 this is going to be a pricey toy…at $199.99 you found a great priced Drone…at $199.99 you have a very inexpensive gadget for all of the fun you will have from everything from the opening to flying. In our unboxing video you can see how much fun I had even taking this T-65 X-Wing out of its amazing packaging. Between the light show from the collectible box (that alone I would pay the price for) to installing the batteries while Yoda talked to me from the controller, the whole thing was a blast before I even got it in the air. img_0994 Now keep in mind this is a Star Wars Battle Quads. You can team up with friends that have one and go on full IR battles. With three different models, 74-Z Speeder Bike, T-65 X-Wing Starfighter, and the Tie Advanced X1 you can really put together a pretty epic battle. You can also of course play in 1 player mode (solo flight).

The controls work pretty similar to most drones I have flown but with the most amazing sound effects and light. You can do system checks, have the drone do barrel rolls, and so much more just from the push of the button. You will notice right away that with the reverse propulsion system that Propel has put on these, they really do not look like drones. The blades are on the bottom. Immediately I noticed the sheer power due to this. From 0 to above 35 miles an hour in under 3 second you can really fight off the Republic if you needed to in a hurry. 20161214_220553-1 Fully rechargeable batteries (even match the paint jobs) make this fun for a very long time. I also love that it comes with a safety clip on that protects it while flying (for horrible flyers like me). This was nice so I did not screw up the amazing detail that they put into my T-65 X-Wing.

The Pilot Handbook that comes with the drones is fitting as it is also full of great detail and can even help the likes of me learn to get a grasp on this powerful drone very quickly. You also have full control over sounds and soundtracks while flying. You do have the ability to turn off the Star Wars music while flying…but who would do that right? 20161214_220602 These Propel Star Wars Drones would make any Star Wars fan loopy with excitement. I highly recommend this as a purchase and that was all before I even flew it. Great job from Propel, Disney and of course Star Wars.

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