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Broadway Musical “Cats” Coming to Big Screen

written by Mandi "Mandini" R. May 6, 2016
Cats the musical

The long beloved Broadway musical Cats is getting turned into a full length motion picture by Academy-Award winning filmmaker Tom Hooper, the same brilliant director who brought us Les Miserables. Hooper is currently in the brainstorming process for the film, and is unsure if he will use full live-action, full CGI, or perhaps a combination of the two.

Cats, which first took the stage in 1981, is the fourth longest running Broadway musical. It’s based on Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats by T.S. Eliot and was composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber. Cats is a whimsical show that brings to life a variety of cats with bold and colorful personalities as they sing songs that represent themselves. Some of the characters we can expect to see brought to the big screen are Gus, the old theatre cat, Grizabella, the former glamour cat, Mr. Mistoffelees, a young cat with magical powers, and Old Deuteronomy, the patriarch of the group, plus plenty more of our favorite felines.

Cats the Musical

Cats is classic Broadway show that has touched the lives of so many musical theater lovers. I had a VHS recording of Cats and I played it until it wouldn’t play anymore. Songs like “Memory” have stuck with me, and so many others, for years. I cannot wait to see what Hooper can do with this film. I’ll be there on opening night for sure! Any other musical junkies like myself?

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