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Bryan Cranston to Play Zordon in Power Rangers Reboot

written by Jason Marcano June 22, 2016

Not much is know about LionsGate’s Power Rangers reboot film. We’ve gotten a look at their new costumes, some casting news, but not much else. Until yesterday when Breaking Bad‘s Walter White (Bryan Cranston) tweeted the following:

Given that the original Blue Ranger (Billy Cranston) was named after Bryan Cranston and he actually lead his voice talents to some of the enemies faced by the Ranger’s it’s almost logical that they would tap him to play floating head and order giver Zordon.

Emmy winner Bryan Cranston is also know for his role as Hal in Malcom in the Middle. A role that was starkly different from that of blue meth kingpin Walter White in AMC’s Breaking Bad. Cranston has also had small parts on a series of other geek friendly shows and movies such as: Babylon 5, X-Files, and The Flash to name a few.

This new teaser poster was also revealed by LionsGate a short while ago. It doesn’t give us much to go on, but it is a pretty picture nonetheless.

powerrangers teaserposter

The Power Rangers movie is set to release March 24th of 2017. It will be a retelling of the origins of the titular heroes. The Red Ranger/Jason will be played by Dacre Montgomery, the Pink Ranger/Kimberly, will be played by Naomi Scott, RJ Cyler will play Billy/the Blue Ranger, Becky G. will play Trini/the Yellow Ranger, and Ludi Lin will play the Black Ranger/Zack. We also know that Elizabeth Banks is Rita Repulsa.

power-rangers cast

As more of the cast gets rounded out for the Power Rangers reboot, the confidence that this movie won’t suck and destroy our childhood increases. Will you geeks be shouting “It’s Morphin’ Time!” with the rest of the world in 2017? From dinosaurs, to ninjas, to space police and beyond, the Power Rangers have done it all. Let us know what your favorite iteration of the Rangers is.

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